Thursday, 30 May 2019

Win one of two personalised copies of "Goes to Sleep" book from Little Creatures {Giveaway}

In our house bedtime is always accompanied by a book to read together. It's not always guaranteed that the books will help in the getting to sleep department, more often than not everyone is still awake when we finish the books. Finding a book that children enjoy and which helps them drop off is no mean feat. It is however important. Having a good bedtime routine that helps to wind the whole family down for night time has more of an impact than you might think. A time without technology and outside influences to simply take a moment and enjoy a bedtime story can create precious memories and help with the bond.

It's here that Little Creatures are making a difference. They create personalised children's books using leading research to help combat and solve real problems faced by parents and children. They work with leading experts in paediatrics as well as The Children's Sleep Charity. It's through these connections and research that the book Goes to Sleep was born. It was created by co founders Kasia Dudziuk (illustrator) and George Berkowski (Author) with the intention of getting children the best possible nights sleep. Which in turn helps to get parents the best night sleep too. 

Goes to Sleep is a story that follows your child as they complete a bedtime routine before hopping into bed and drifting off to sleep. They'll fly off on a cloud and dream of great adventures including meeting a gorilla,elephant and many more animals who have had a very busy day. They're all staring to feel tired out and ready to fall asleep. 

The personalisation of the book Goes to Sleep is more than just a name inside the pages. Not only is your child's name added to the cover and story but your able to add many more personal touches to really help bring the whole thing to life for your child. You can add your child's hair colour and skin tone to really bring them into the books illustrations. 

The Goes to Sleep book would be a lovely addition to any child's bedtime routine. 
You can purchase a personalised Goes to Sleep book from £16.99.

Little Creatures are giving one of our readers the chance to win their own copy of Goes to Sleep which can be personalised for any child you like. 
Enter using the Gleam widget below.

Good Luck!

Terms and Conditions:
  • Entrants must be aged 18 years or over.
  • Competition is open to UK residents only.
  • Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions
  • The winners will be selected at random from all the correct entries received before the closing date and time.
  • All prizes must be accepted as offered. There can be no alternative awards, cash or otherwise.  
  • There will be two winners who will each receive a personalised copy of "Goes to Sleep"
  • The prize will be sent directly from the PR.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

This Noisy Isle, a treasure hunt show at Brighton Fringe {Giveaway}

Take a different look at the world through the exciting, immersive theatre and street games as they mix together in the treasure hunting theatre show, This Noisy Isle. Created by Spun Glass Theatre for ages 7 - 11 years old, This Noisy Isle was inspired by The Tempest.

Taking the journey through This Noisy Isle aims to bring the younger audience more understanding on the concept of human displacement and the challenges the UK's migrants face. With over 65 million people in the world being displaced This Noisy Isle wants to highlight and teach children about this social concern. By using poetry, magic and the excitement of adventure to share the real challenges faced by migrants and refugees who enter into a new country. A whole new world in a way.

This Noisy Isle is a show like no other, it uses a unique blend of immersive street theatre and street games to bring the whole show to live with the audience in the story. You'll go on an outdoor adventure with puzzles. You'll need to steer your team through some choppy waters in order to find a new home. Miranda, Caliban, Prospero and Ariel will lead you through the treasure hunt and help you learn about how people who are displaced integrate to new languages and cultures in their new homes.

This Noisy Isle is going to be showing at Brighton Fringe between the 31st of May and the 2nd of June.
You can purchase tickets to see This Noisy Isle at £5 for a child, £10 for an Adult, £8 for concessions or £20 for a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children.)

We have an exciting giveaway with one lucky reader winning a Family Ticket to see This Noisy Isle at Brighton Fringe on the 2nd of June at 12pm. To be in with a chance to win enter the giveaway using the Gleam widget below. Please take a minute to read the terms and conditions before entering.

  • Entrants must be aged 18 years or over.
  • Competition is open to UK residents only.
  • Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions
  • The winners will be selected at random from all the correct entries received before the closing date and time.
  • All prizes must be accepted as offered. There can be no alternative awards, cash or otherwise.  
  • There will be one winner who will receive a family ticket to a showing of
    This Noisy Isle at Brighton Fringe on  Sunday the 2nd of June at 12pm.
  • The prize will be sent directly from the PR.

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This is a brand collaboration giveaway, prize is provided by the PR.
Tuesday, 21 May 2019

DIY Superhero Canvas Art for Children

Over the last few weeks we've been redecorating the children's room and getting it ready for Dylan and Scarlet to share. It has meant that in some areas we've kept everything very neutral and in others it seems a little more on the empty side. In a bid to add a little personality back in we decided to create something to add to the wall along their beds. We have got some wall stickers for part of the room but this space was somewhere to add a little more personal touch. 

I came up with the idea for making our own Superhero Canvas Art after I had seen a little valentines DIY ideas video on Facebook where they created a heart shape on a canvas with paper before adding random paint strokes and blobs all around. The finished product was lovely and it seemed like a lot of fun which Dylan could join in with.

You will need:
Small square canvases (you can change the size or shape if you wish) 
various colours of paint
cotton wool balls
clothes pegs
masking tape

We set to work with my idea and first we had to decide what we wanted the focus to be. I went with the really easy option of superhero logos, the not so easy task for Dylan however was choosing which superheroes we would use! After a while we decided on a few and got to work drawing the logo shape out on paper and cutting each out. Once cut we taped it down with a piece of masking tape folded over. Ensure the tape doesn't come over any lines around or in the design itself. This is really important. 

 Once we had our canvas prepared we needed to get the colours of paint we needed. I had already decided we would use each superheroes iconic colours to make the design really pop. We took the cotton wool balls and added one to the end of a peg for each colour of paint. 

Now comes the fun part, using the cotton wool on the peg as a dabbing type of paintbrush you need to cover the whole canvas. Ensure you use several colours or shades to get a good effect and try to keep the colours well spread out over the whole canvas with space to add other colours or shades in between. Your main aim is to cover all the white on the canvas. Do take more care around the superhero logo to ensure it doesn't move around or you may not get the effect you want.

You now have two options, allow the paint to dry first or remove the logo before the paint has dried. We have tried both methods and I did prefer to do it while the paint was wet as on a few we did manage to get some paint under and removing when dried made this very difficult.

Once the canvas is dried your ready to hang up your artwork and enjoy it! 

I'd love to see the results if you decide to make your own.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Welcome To The World Baby Avery - Birth Announcement

This time two weeks ago I was getting the final preparations completed before our induction date! In the end we didn't actually need induced and our baby boy was born just a few hours after our planned induction. We've now had our littlest baby boy with us for almost two whole weeks and I think it's finally time that we shared the news on here!

Meet baby Avery. He's just perfect and weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces when he was born. We only stayed in hospital for one night before we got to head home. Which has been totally different to when Dylan and Scarlet where born.

He's been getting cuddles at every opportunity from his big brother and sister who are just as equally smitten with him as me and Simon are! 

I did finally remember to share my final bump update which had been written up before I gave birth. Over the coming weeks I will share my birth story too. 

Friday, 10 May 2019

Bump Update Baby #3 - 36 & 37 weeks

I can't believe I'm actually sat here writing up my last bump update!In the next few days we will be meeting our little baby boy. (He arrived before this post was actually due to go live and has now been with us for over a week!) We are all so excited but I am feeling a little bittersweet that these few days will be the last of pregnancy for me. Strange as I never felt this way with Scarlet despite planning to be finished with just her and Dylan. I guess I never got a date and never really saw the end coming in a way?

Baby 36 weeks - At 36 weeks baby is measuring up to be roughly  50 cm and weighs a little over 6 pounds according to the scan we had.

Now it's all about getting bigger. Over this week babies lungs will finish developing enough to breathe in air after delivery. It's at this point we see baby dropping down into my pelvis to be ready for delivery. 

In preparation for delivery they'll be shedding all the downy hair that has been protecting their skin inside too. 

Baby 37 weeks - Now baby is considered 'full term'! and measures up to be around the size of a Honeydew Melon and weighs about 6.5 pounds (although we've been measuring up a little higher than my app for most of this pregnancy). From now baby will gain about half an ounce a day too. Isn't that amazing?

Baby should be in the engaged position now and is getting himself ready for delivery day! Everything should be developed enough for live outside the womb. Although baby is now ready to meet the world he is still developing his immune system which will continue right up through those early months and years too. 

Me 36 & 37 weeks - The last two weeks I have really noticed that baby has moved down into my pelvis. My bump has dropped a fair bit but I'm feeling more and more uncomfortable as time goes on now. I've been lucky in not having any braxton hicks contractions yet in this pregnancy. 

With the timer on count down I feel like I should be enjoying this stage a bit more but life with two little ones is crazy and add in wanting to get the house sorted (thank you for nesting!) in some sort of crazy fashion that has me cleaning at most available moments. Although I do want to be sure I'm still taking time for me and for both Dylan and Scarlet. I must admit it's quite a juggling act and a few things do slip in the end. 

As I sit typing this up I do feel like I have most things ready now. We have a plan, bags are packed, house is almost completely sorted out, prams are ready and we can relax a little now. 

Over the last two weeks my itching has been relatively mild too. My bile acid levels are coming down and seem to be staying under 40 which is great news! I'm still taking my medication and it seems like it is all working fine. I've had appointments at the hospital for bloods and last week we had our final scan. Everything looked good and baby is doing just as he should. Now all that is left to do is wait. I won't have any more blood tests done now until 14 days after I've given birth. They'll do this final test to ensure that my liver functions go back to normal after pregnancy and that I don't need any further treatment for anything. 

Now it's just a waiting game. I'm rather excited to think that the next time I sit here to type out a post it'll be a birth announcement!

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