Tuesday, 16 April 2019

What We're Reading - Night Monkey, Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson

It's no secret that we all love Julia Donaldson's books, We've amassed quite a collection from the author and even Dylan loves the fun rhyming nature the books and he'll gravitate towards ones he knows if they are in the book case that month.

We recently added to our collection with another from Julia Donaldson and I have to say I wasn't expecting Dylan to love the book right away. We'd picked up Night Monkey, Day Monkey which is illustrated by Lucy Richards.

The story follows to little monkey's who live very different lives alongside each other. One is awake through the night and is accustomed to all things that live during the night. While the other lives in the day and is surprised by all the nocturnal animals who come out in the darkness.

The two little monkey's are fun to read about as they find out and discover how the other monkey lives. Dylan really enjoys how each monkey just can't believe how silly the other is in their fear of the unknown creatures and all the strange sights they have never seen before. The message from the book about how finding out new things doesn't always need to be scary. A chorus of frogs doesn't mean they are chopping down the trees as day monkey thinks in the night. It can simply mean that sometimes our imaginations are much more frightening.

I really enjoy the illustrations by Lucy Richards in the book. They clearly define the difference in when the two little monkeys are playing around in the night (pictured above) and when they change over into the day. The bold, bright colours of the day vastly contrast the deep, dark colours of the night. Each page is filled with beautiful forest scenery as well as the animals. There is plenty for children to see and discover in each page.

We've all really enjoyed reading Night Monkey, Day Monkey and I know it will be one that is loved for a long time yet in our collection.


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