Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Buttonbag Dinosaur First Sewing Kit Review

Finding new fun crafts and activities for Dylan can be a challenge. We've done so many things over the years now and I am always weary of what might be too old for him. With his ever improving fine motor skills and a love for making things with his hands. I was actually really excited when Buttonbag got in touch as their products all sounded perfect for us.

Buttonbag was founded back in 2007 by Sara Duchers and Sarah Marks who started the company from their kitchen table and sold their craft kits from a little market stall. By 2008 they upgraded to a design studio and are now stocked in hundreds of stores across the UK. Each of the Buttonbag products is designed in the UK with children at the forefront of their minds. Their kits will all contain every item you need to complete a whole project right down to the sewing needle!

 I was really excited to see their Dinosaur First Sewing Kit. I already sew myself and Dylan has always found it interesting, he'll ask questions and enjoys watching me sew. I thought the kit would be the perfect introduction to sewing for him since it is made for children aged 4+. 

Inside our Buttonbag kit we found two green felt dinosaur shapes, two large plastic safety sewing needles that are perfect for children, 5 red felt hexagon shapes with sticky backs, 1 red and 1 yellow bundles of string, a bag of padding for inside, 2 googly eyes and the instruction leaflet.

Getting started is so easy, Dylan was really excited and ready to jump straight in! First thing to do is to thread the needle. Dylan found it easy to do with the large eye on the needle and I tied a little knot to keep the thread from slipping back off.

Once we had a threaded needle it was all down to sewing around the dinosaur shape. We tied a big knot in the end of the tread to stop it slipping through the pre-made holes in the dinosaur. Dylan got to work sewing his way around the dinosaur and he really enjoyed watching as the thread made it's way around the shape. He did concentrate a fair bit with ensuring he didn't miss a hole. 

We stopped with a space still left to sew between the last two spikes on the dinosaurs back. We used this space to pack in all the padding and pushing it down into all the little corners. We did find that our little knot slipped through one of the holes at the start but stayed put after that. 

Once we had all the padding inside Dylan set to work closing up the hole to meet up with the first hole we put the string through at the beginning. I used this to tie the string together and create a continuous loop of string. It prevents the need to have more than one knot and also means they won't slip through any holes.

Now it was time to get sticking! Dylan struggled a little with getting the backing off the Dinosaur spike shapes and I had to help a little using my nails. He took great pride in choosing where each needed placed on the dinosaur and sticking them in place.

Finally he added an eye onto each side of the dinosaur's head and his little Buttonbag Dinosaur was complete! All in all it took around half an hour from start to finish so it is perfect as a nice activity for one on one time without being too long to take the whole day. 

We both really enjoyed the activity together. There was a whole lot of fun and talk about dinosaurs while he worked and he was engrossed the entire time. With so little preparation needed and such a wonderful outcome of something that Dylan has made himself I am so happy with the Buttonbag kit. I cannot recommend them enough. They have everything you need to create something special and you don't need to be crafty in any way to be able to enjoy them. The Dinosaur First Sewing Kit is perfect for children to experience sewing for the first time and includes so much fun.

You can purchase a Dinosaur First Sewing Kit from Buttonbag  for £9.99.

Disclaimer: *we received this product in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*


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