Friday, 19 April 2019

Bump Update Baby #3 - 35 Weeks

Baby - This week baby is measuring up to be about the size of a pineapple (46.2 cm)and should weigh around 5.2 pounds or more. 

Inside he'll still be developing those lungs ready for breathing in air when he is born. Along with the final developmental changes going on he's preparing to latch on and feed by practicing his sucking movements. 

We are now in the stage when he'll be getting into position for birth and he is already head down but this week I have noticed he is getting much further down into my pelvis now. His movements are definately getting stronger and every now or then he'll give me a good swift knee to the ribs which can be rather painful. With that being said I'm really conscious that these will be the last baby movements I ever feel inside and so even those painful ones are precious.

Me - Most of this week has involved me feeling pretty tired. In the last few weeks I have managed to get a short nap in the day but Scarlet isn't taking her naps at the minute and Dylan is off school for Easter break so we are generally doing a lot more. 

I'm feeling the need to really get the house into order now that we have a deadline on when baby will be here. I'm not sure it's all to do with nesting as such but it is certainly giving me a good kick up the bum to get the whole house sorted and ready. 

My liver tests are going back up again although they are still below 40. Hopefully they'll comeback down however the itching is getting worse as the weather improves which I remember was a big factor when I was pregnant with Scarlet too. It's looking like I may be taking more cool baths in the last few weeks now.


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