Sunday, 14 April 2019

Bump Update Baby #3 - 34 Weeks

The count down is on. There will be less than a month before this baby comes and I am feeling excited but slightly terrified! 

Baby- At 34 weeks baby should be measuring up to be around the size of a cabbage (45cm) in length and will be weighing in at around 4.7 pounds according to my pregnancy app. We have had a growth scan this week and baby is actually estimated to be 5.2 lbs now so he's doing well and still has time to gain more weight.

Although the lungs are still developing they are almost there now and will soon be developed enough to breathe air after they are born. 

Now baby can also hear much better. His hearing is developed enough that he can hear. He will respond particularly to high pitched noises. Something I can confirm thanks to Scarlet's high pitched screech always getting a reaction.  

Another interesting fact this week is that baby will have fully grown finger and toe nails now. It's a little strange to think there is baby nails inside my stomach!

Me- I'm really feeling the effects of being heavily pregnant now. I'm tired and most days I find I do need to take a nap, usually I lay down at the same time as Scarlet and have a nap while she does. I still wake every night needing to use the bathroom or simply because I am uncomfortable. I'm now finding it hard to get comfortable anywhere, walking, sitting or laying down all have me needing to change after a short time.

Towards the end of this week I woke up feeling awful. I'd had a long night of waking up with a sick taste in my mouth and I felt pretty sick. Thankfully it passed through the day and was almost gone the next day. I'm hoping it doesn't come back.

As I mentioned above we had my 34 week appointment this week. I have to say I've never had an antenatal appointment like it. It went awfully and I am sure it was due to my over stretched hormones, feeling sick and the poor staff who already have a whole room full of  pregnant women to deal with. However I was made to feel like I was unreasonable for questioning why I hadn't been seen at all in close to an hour. So when I did make into the doctor at an hour and a half after our appointment time to be told I didn't have Obstetric Cholestasis, that I was taking more medication than the maximum dose and have been for almost 10 weeks on a daily basis. I lost it! I wasn't being listened to and I was being told to go look it up on google and find out more. Which of course I did do well before this appointment, in fact having been through it all before I had researched a whole lot during my last pregnancy. I cried and after a few minutes I made my way to explain everything that has happened. In the end we spent over 45 minutes talking to the doctor who I probably made feel awful and burdened with all the things that had happened at our previous and current appointment. 

However she was fantastic and she did sort it all out, in the end we worked out what I need to be doing, what needs to happen over the coming weeks and we went through all my previous pregnancies and labours. I asked her all the questions I needed answers for and she booked my induction date. Although she does think I may well go into labour on my own before then. She explained the induction process, told me all of my options and all the facts I need to know about Group B strep which I had during my last labour but went undetected until after I had given birth. We then booked in for another growth scan in two weeks time and I honestly left the hospital feeling so much better. I do feel a little guilty that I just burst and all my frustration with the information constantly changing came out on this one doctor who was really just trying to help and do her job. She did reassure me and we left on good terms. I apologised for my outburst and I thanked her for helping me with everything. 

Hopefully next week won't be as eventful with Easter break about to start and a to do list as long as my arm needing done before it's time for this baby to join us.


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