Wednesday, 6 February 2019

We're having a.. {Gender Reveal}

We're already coming up on 25 weeks at this point and we've known what we are having for the last three weeks. Since it was only two weeks ago that we told the world about our little surprise baby we decided that other than our very close family we'd keep it a secret for just a little longer. We wanted everyone to have some time to come around over the shock of the news too.

So at our 20 week anomaly scan (at 22 weeks) we found out that we are having another little baby boy! 

Since it was at our anomaly scan it was just me and Simon, which felt right. It had been just the two of us when we found out Dylan was a girl and it was just the two of us when we found out Scarlet was a girl. It also meant that we could be the one who told Dylan who was eagerly awaiting the news and hoping with all his might that it was a boy. To say he was delighted when he found out would be an understatement! He literally ran down the street.

We're very excited to be adding another little boy to our family. 

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