Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Weekend fun and games with Zimpli Kids {Review}

It's half term for us and since the weekend has just past we've had a whole bunch of things to do. Which of course means today and tomorrow will have less ideas on what we can do. That is where Zimpli Kids comes in, we've been trying out some new fun games to play with the Zimpli Kids Range. 

With various products in the range including the Zimpli Kids Slime Play, Slime Baff, Gelli Play and Gelli Baff there is a wide range to choose from. Each has a whole world of fun without adding any extras but we've been testing out new fun and exciting ways to play. As you can see we received a wide range of the products to try out. 

Discovering the Dinosaurs 

The first little game we wanted to try out was a game of discovery. Inside a large bowl I made up one batch of the Gelli Play by adding the recommended amount of water (4 litres for the whole bag) and sprinkled the mix evenly over the top. Just leave the mix for 10-15 minutes for it to form up into the Gelli.  

Once I had the Gelli Play ready to go I added in some smaller dinosaurs for Dylan to find and this activity was all ready to go. 

Dylan loved hunting through the Gelli Play from Zimpli Kids to find the dinosaurs hiding inside. We have done similar activities to this one before with the dinosaurs but I love that the wide range of colours in the Gelli Play means you can create various themes with different animal figures or even with people figures too. The glitter Gelli Play would be perfect for doing a magical or fairy themed play session with. However any little toys that are fit for the bath can be used! This activity brought with it many hours of fun and it's one I would really recommend. 

Sums of Slime

Another great game to play is one which uses Zimpli Kids Slime Play. I choose to go with a different colour from the range when we played this one to keep things new and exciting. Once again I added in the warm water (4 litres for the whole bag) before starting to sprinkle in the slime mixture. To ensure the slime forms properly you leave it for 15-20 minutes and only stir occasionally. 

Once the slime has formed add in some foam numbers. You will also need some sort of tray or plate with this activity. I used a small metal tray covering in a layer of cling film, I added in a plus and equals sign keeping a minus sign to the side. Then it was ready to go.

I let Dylan go wild finding the numbers and creating his own sums. We then spent some time working out the sums before popping the numbers back in the slime and starting again. Dylan really loves maths and doing sums so I knew he'd love this one. We plan to do this activity again with letters instead of numbers and have fun with spellings! These are great for spicing up homework now and then too.  

The great news is that both these activities are easy to clean up too. Just add in more water and mix to a water like consistency again. Once back to water you can just pour down the toilet and flush away before cleaning your bowls and toys up ready to use again. I love that the whole process is easy to do and brings with it so much fun for little ones. 

You can purchase Zimpli Kids Slime Play 50g (from £3.87) and Gelli Play 120g (from £4.99).

We'll be sharing some more from Zimpli Kids in the next week or two about some more fun to have with Slime Baff and Gelli Baff so do come back and see all about that too. 

Disclaimer: We received the products featured above in return for an honest review. all thoughts and opinions expressed above are my own. 


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