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Bump Update Baby #3 - Weeks 21 - 24

A little update on how pregnancy has been going since we found out we're having baby number three. It's a little strange to be starting this from 20 weeks but since we only found out at 20 weeks I don't really have much to report on before then!

This post will also be laid out a little differently from any other bump update, since we are already over half way through this pregnancy. I want to cover all the things baby already has and can do so I will be doing a section below on all things baby right up to week 23 and I will do a little bit about me and how the pregnancy is going along with any appointments and updates we've had in a week by week for 21 - 23 weeks. A 24 weeks update will finish off this bump update which will be in the usual style that I will continue with from here on a weekly basis. Now the weeks will actually be for the week past and I will share it on the day or two around when I turn 21 weeks etc. All the baby development will correspond with the weeks we are at.

All about Baby
Our baby is now officially viable! If baby comes now they'll have a fighting chance of surviving. It's strange to think that we've reached such a huge milestone in pregnancy already.

At this stage baby is about the size of a Mango (28.9cm) and comes in to weigh roughly 1.1 pounds. This baby is already looking more like a newborn although their skin is translucent and if you took a peek you'd be able to see the bones and organs underneath. Baby also has it's facial features formed even their eyelids are there so baby can see and blink!

From this point it will mostly be growing and becoming ready for the outside world.  There are still some things happening and baby has their teeth buds developing inside the gums which will continue to develop and prepare for when it comes time to start teething.

Pregnancy Week 21

During the last week we found out that we are having baby number 3. Life is still feeling pretty surreal and things are moving really quickly! We've already visited the doctor and been referred to the hospital so it's now a waiting game to see when we will be booking in. For now however we can enjoy that I am not going crazy and the movements I can feel are all really there! I've not really had any symptoms as of yet. Although keeping this a secret is already proving hard and I just want to tell people so I can talk about it! However I am also very aware that I need to know baby is okay before we start to share our news.

Pregnancy Week 22 

We have our hospital appointment this week! I'm really feeling movements and I'm already starting to feel like I look a little less fat and more of a little bump shape. We've not yet told anyone, even Dylan and Scarlet only be found out just before our hospital appointment. We told Dylan after school finished on Friday and headed straight there. He was delighted! He is insisting that he will be having a baby brother this time and not another sister. During our appointment we did get confirmation that everything was looking good and going by measurements we got our dates which are in May. Since I was so far along at this appointment they let everyone come in with me. We all watched together as a little head appeared on the screen and the midwife talked through all the body parts, checks and measurements. With a steady heartbeat and plenty of movement they seemed happy with baby. Although we tried baby wasn't ready for us to know if they are a boy or girl and so the wait needed to continue. I was booked in for the next available appointment to have our anomaly scan later in the week too.

It was during this week that we started to tell everyone and I'll be honest a few of the reactions we got did make me feel a bit annoyed. We did get a general reaction of shock which we'd been expecting. A lot of our news sharing happened online as a lot of our family aren't close enough to share the news in person.

The only thing left for this week was our anomaly scan which happened on the Wednesday and we'd left Scarlet with a friend to go to her usual Mum's and Tots. At this scan we got the confirmation that everything was going well! They checked measurements and did all the checks they cook. I did have to walk around a little at the end to try to move baby however it was to no avail and we got booked back in the following week for a heart check. We'd been quite lucky in that appointment since this particular scan can only happen during a window and the cut off is at 22 weeks. After this babies develop more at their own rates. It was also during this appointment that we found out what we will be having. For now it will be our little secret, Dylan will be finding out the same day as us.

Pregnancy Week 23 

Those little kicks are growing stronger by the day. It's a feeling I never thought I'd feel again so I am treasuring as many of them as I can! During the start of this week we are still continuing to tell our family. I feel less daunted by the idea of another baby now and I am even feeling excited. We've started to buy some little small baby items and the few bits we still have from Scarlet have been pulled out to be sorted through. Things are really beginning to feel real now. With just 17 weeks before my due date there is a whole lot we need to do.

We had our other appointment to check baby's heart, all is perfect and the heart sounds great! They rechecked all the other measurements and made sure everything looked good. Now we will just have our normal appointments and my blood tests every week unless anything changes.

I'm starting to have some symptoms now with heartburn making itself apparent. I've mostly cut out fizzy drinks however I'm not keen on water from a tap nor from a bottle. This week we invested in a water filter and honestly I've never drank so much water in my life! I'm now drinking an average of 2 litres a day and other than coffee it's all I'm drinking at home. Hopefully this will help with my heartburn issues.

My itching has returned this pregnancy although it is on a much smaller scale. It does mean that I am already heading for weekly fasting blood tests to see if I have got Obstetric Cholestasis in this pregnancy like I did with my last. So far the tests are coming back as normal, they are still keeping an eye on things.

This is also the week we shared our news with the world! We already know what we are having and I had originally planned to share the news all as one. I've since changed my mind and we're keeping the gender a secret for just a little longer.

Week 24 Bump Update

Baby - At 24 weeks baby is about the size of a papaya (30cm) and comes in to weigh roughly 1.3 pounds.

It is mainly with the development of baby's lungs that will be growing and developing  from this point so that baby can start to breathe the amniotic fluid and later air. Baby now has facial hair with eyebrows, eyelashes and even hair on their head. Although right now babies hair is just white and has no pigment, that will soon change and their hair will get colour. The baby's inner ears are currently developing to allow them to hear more clearly. At this stage they can already hear my heartbeat and even my voice!

Me - I'm noticing more and more changes in my body now. I'm growing in all directions and as I do things seem to be getting harder to do. Walking is becoming slower this week and I think it's taking me more energy to do anything. With the extra effort I'm feeling more tired than before, I've started to nap if I can when Scarlet is taking her nap in the day.

This week Simon and Scarlet have both been able to feel baby kicking! This is the earliest Simon has felt any of our children move. It feels even shorter than normal too since we've not long known. Scarlet has really taken to getting bump cuddles this week too. She likes to come and lay across my bump with her head just on the top and go to sleep in the evening. It's such a lovely experience that Dylan was just too old for when I was pregnant with her.

I'm noticing that I do have some breast changes this week although I'm not sure how it's all working there. I only stopped breastfeeding Scarlet at Christmas (I've still some to share on that soon). We are also coming up on the time when milk production should naturally start so I feel like I am in some sort of limbo now. There is certainly something going on and I feel more tender than I have been since Christmas.


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