Thursday, 21 February 2019

Bump Update Baby #3 - 27 Weeks

Baby - Our little boy is already measuring up to be the size of a broccoli head (36.6 cm) and weighs 1.9 pounds. He's got around 15% body fat right now but by the time we reach his due date this should double to almost 30%.

Around this time baby is starting to open their eyes for the first time and it won't be long before they can tell the difference between night and day.

This week babies brain will be in the final stage of developing at an incredible rate. It's not the only thing either, he's now got taste buds too! It's now that his little lungs are starting to practise breathing using amniotic fluid so he's ready when the big day comes.

Me -  It's official, I can no longer climb to stairs without great effort! It's not only the stairs that make me need to pause or slow right down now, hills, ramps and any other upward walking can pose a challenge. I'm used to running up and down stairs several times a day so getting used to going slow is kicking me up a little. Trying to climb our stairs in the evening while holding Scarlet is much harder too. Think trying to climb a mountain carrying a large rucksack!

This week has been crazy! My usual fasting bloods got pushed by a day so I could have them done alongside my Glucose Tolerance Test on Friday morning. The orange flavoured drink used in the test made me feel awful right from the start and my heart was racing the whole two hours I was sat waiting for the test to end. It took hours after the test had ended for my body to feel more calm again. Come mid- day I really needed a nap and afterwards I felt normal again.

Come Sunday I caught a bug that Scarlet had suffered with on Friday and for the first time in this pregnancy I threw up. I spent the entire day asleep, mostly in bed alone. Thankfully it only really lasted for 24 hours and by Monday I felt more normal. I was still a little drained so we've taken it easy over half term and rested up.

We did have a growth scan this week a growth scan this week which all came back as normal so baby is growing perfectly and is healthy. I spoke to the doctor about being tested for Strep B this time around and what we will be doing. We had been very lucky and Scarlet didn't get Strep B which was only discovered in a test result that came back after I had given birth. This time around we will be armed with the information we need to protect baby should we need to. The test will be done in about two months time and we'll have options once we have the results. Our next scan will be at 30 weeks in the hospital.


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