Friday, 8 February 2019

Bump Update Baby #3 - 25 Weeks

Baby - Our little boy is already measuring up to be the size of a grapefruit (34.6cm) and weighs 1.4 pounds. 

He can hear much more now and will be able to hear loud noises as well as my voice. If we've been relaxing for a little while and I start to talk I can feel him start to move around in response which is so cute! There is a chance that he can even hear music now so who knows when he might decide to have a little boogie of his own. 

At this stage baby will also have his own little routine going on inside. He has his own times of wakefulness and of resting. The routine he seems to follow is much more predictable and I'm already aware of his most playful times in the late evenings. Typical that he'll wake up not long after the other two go to sleep. He's so active now I can really see his movements. I've even managed to catch him on camera now! 

It's this little routine that will stay so important as we head further into this pregnancy so I know I need to be aware of when and how active our little one is. A big change in his routine can be an indication that something isn't quite right.

Me -  I'm growing by the day! Just five weeks ago I didn't really look pregnant and actually I just looked on the fat side. I really do look pregnant now unless I've got my coat on. I've also officially outgrown my final super stretchy pair of jeans. Life is going to consist of a lot more leggings from here on out. 

This week I've really noticed the difference in my heartburn/ acid which is getting bad now. I can already tell I'll living with it on an almost constant basis by the end. It was something I really suffered from with Dylan so I'll be stocking up on ice pops now as they really helped then. 

I've not really been itchy this week. I did have a few episodes at the beginning of the week when my legs itched however it has staved off to only happen once or twice a day. I'm hoping that my lack of itching is a good sign that the Obstetric Cholestasis isn't coming back. Although I am still having my weekly fasting bloods checked. 


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