Thursday, 31 January 2019

In 2019 I will..

It's the end of January and since the start of the year I've started to think about what 2019 will have in store for me. Each year I would make some resolution that wouldn't last a week. Last year however I made a change and instead of making any resolutions I decided to choose a few things I wanted to achieve by years end. I wasn't sure how it would go at the beginning. I didn't set any time frame for starting each but I just made a point of getting what I wanted to do written down. 

I've taken a look back on my 'In 2018 I will..' post and I'm really surprised that I managed to do almost everything on there! An important aim for me at the beginning of last year was to find time for myself. I rarely found five minutes when I was just doing something for me. Over the space of 12 months I don't feel I've found much time, at least not on a daily basis where I don't have to do anything for anyone else. That said I do think I found some time just for me. Scarlet is older and she's not as clingy as she had been which allows me to find a few minutes to throw on some make-up, drink a hot cup of coffee or watch a video on YouTube from time to time. 

My other aims included moving the blog which happened in May. I wasn't sure I'd get there since I had to learn coding, create a whole look, theme and more between our usual posts and two children. I'm glad I found the time and dedicated every spare moment to the move that I had. I love our new home here online and I'm hoping we'll stay here for a long time yet! 

I'd also planned to declutter our house which although is started, it's more of an ongoing project which I'm pretty happy with. We've probably cut our toy collection by about a quarter, possibly a third and we've decluttered big areas of our lives like clothing, shoes, spaces we used to just keep things we might need and we've sorted through a large portion of baby items from Scarlet which actually happened long before we found out about baby number 3!

Finally I had planned to lose weight during 2018 and for the first half of the year I did. I lost enough to drop down a dress size. I tried slimming world although that didn't last and I ended up just being healthier about my food choices, cut out sweet treats and ate less carbs. Come the second half I wasn't as concerned about my need to diet or lose weight as much I was with my overall health. I am actually pretty healthy. I get a decent amount of daily exercise and more than the recommended half hour a day since we walk, a lot. 

Learn how to love my body more

Which actually leads me to something I want to achieve throughout 2019. I want to be more Body Positive. In 2018 I came across the Body Positivity Movement, which is all about people who love their bodies, flaws and all because nobody is perfect and we should all be accepted in society. I'm not skinny, in fact the only time I was skinny was in my teen years when I basically didn't eat more than a meal every day.  Even then I wasn't happy with my body, I didn't have a flat stomach, I had large thighs (probably due to the muscles my legs needed to drag around a pair of New Rock boots daily) I had bingo wings and I hated it all! As time has gone on I have found that I am more accepting of my body and the way it is despite being pretty healthy. I have got PCOS and unfortunately difficulty losing weight and maintaining a weight is actually a part of that. My body does have it's own 'happy' size which I've stayed around or at since having Dylan 6 years ago without the need to diet or adjust my lifestyle. It's this size which I always go back to after finishing a strict diet but that size is classed as 'obese' for my height. Since I am now over half way through my third pregnancy I'm ready to start being as happy with my body after I give birth as I am when I'm pregnant and growing another human. This year I will be becoming more body positive although I've not yet decided if it's something I will talk about here. 

Create better routines

Although we do have a routine we tend to stick to there are some places in which I would like to improve our routine. It's mainly around Scarlet's sleep pattern that I would like to try to create a routine which we stick to. In the next two moths both children will go into a room together and Scarlet will have her own bed. Throughout this coming year I would like to find a good routine that works for her and that once the new baby comes we can easily adjust to accommodate everyone. At the minute Scarlet sleep when she feels like it and often she can be still be awake come 10pm or after. So this year I will be trying to start a better sleeping routine and maybe adding in some set times to do an activity with both Dylan and Scarlet each day. If you've got any tips on how to start setting a good routine with a toddler then please do leave me a comment. 

Redecorate most of our house

There are areas in our home which have needed a new lick of paint for a while now and despite our intentions it's always been put off. This year will be different. I am determined to get the whole house redecorated throughout this year. Everything from painting the rooms and giving the children's room a complete makeover to repainting our radiators, skirting boards and even plastering some of the hall. It's a big project and it's one which we need to have mostly finished before May, when I'm due. SO there will be lots of DIY going on over the next several months! 

Have weekly tech free time as a whole family

We do have weekly times set aside for doing things as a family. We already have a movie night every Saturday evening where we will have some snacks and sit up on the sofa together watching a movie. However I would like to make some extra time each week to have some technology free time. I'm not really sure on if we should create time to do an arts and crafts activity, play a board game or do something different. I may even end up making a jar which we can all add some ideas into and choose one every week.

There you have it. This year I want to achieve these four things.It probably won't be easy and I might not do every one in the way I think I want to now however I hope that things will slowly be ticked off as we go along.

Have you got any goals for 2019?


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