Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Finding out we're having baby number 3

Having another baby wasn't really on my radar. We'd decided that after the pregnancy problems I'd had with Scarlet we had completed our little family. Fate on the other hand seems to have had a different plan all together. 

Having previously shared how difficult it can be for me to get pregnant with Polyscystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) things like having a regular period haven't happened since my early teens. In fact we'd been actively trying to get pregnant with Scarlet for over two years. Paired with still breastfeeding Scarlet, I had only had two cycles in the 18 months after giving birth. It wasn't worrying nor was it a big indication of anything for me. My cycle pretty much does what it pleases when it pleases. It always has. So when it didn't arrive I didn't even think twice.

Since I was still breastfeeding Scarlet any changes or tenderness usually got put down to that. Looking back there probably was times when it was more about pregnancy tenderness rather than feeding. It just happened at times when I would expect to be uncomfortable. Come Christmas Scarlet had gotten sick and decided she was stopping with breastfeeding. It was only when she refused to feed a few days later but still wanted to be close and try that I started to connect the dots. 

I've been very lucky with symptoms this pregnancy, mostly I haven't had any. I didn't have any morning sickness. I haven't caught any colds or flu's that the children didn't bring home and I hadn't really felt any different. Which is really contrasted in my last two pregnancies, with Dylan I got ill with bugs a lot in the beginning. We'd found out I was pregnant when I visited the doctor with a bad kidney infection. With Scarlet I knew, right away at two weeks with nausea and implantation pains as well as ovulation pains which had never happened before. This time there really wasn't anything.

The big sign that made me think I was pregnant was movement. Over Christmas I started to feel some movement. It wasn't big movements and at the start I was fobbing it off as digestion issues. Around this time I started to get a build up of acid and began cutting out fizzy drinks and acidic foods. The movements grew stronger through the week between Christmas and New Year. By the time January came I was almost sure I was pregnant and when we headed out shopping I grabbed a test. 

Of course the test came back positive and waiting down stairs I told Simon the news. Things moved pretty quickly. It was a Thursday night and come Friday afternoon we'd been to see the doctor at an emergency appointment. By her estimation I was around 20 weeks. Yes 20 weeks! Have you ever seen the show 'I didn't know I was pregnant'? Well I felt like one of the women on there right around that time. I was referred to the hospital with an urgent note to be seen as soon as they had space. 

Which only left us to deal with the shock of it all. After a few days we did start to come around the shock and we've been excited about our little surprise since. Life is going to change a whole lot and we won't have very much time before it all happens since we are over half way there already. However we already love our little surprise and we are looking forward to meeting them. As well as hopefully enjoying the final half of this pregnancy.


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