Tuesday, 22 January 2019

All about my year 2018

We're well into January now and I had actually planned to write this post somewhere around two weeks ago. However right around that time life got pretty crazy and it hasn't exactly slowed down since. So here I am nearing the end of January and I am finally getting around to recapping on how 2018 was for us. Oops? Last year I did this post after being tagged but I really liked how it all came together to remember how 2017 was for us so I decided to do it again although I wasn't tagged this year by any other bloggers. 

I do hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year even if that now feels like it was a million years ago. 

1. What did you do for your birthday this year? 

I don't think much changed from last year, I sat around and drank copious amounts of coffee between spending time with Dylan, Scarlet and Simon. I had time to just relax. I got a long hot bath and I enjoyed every moment of me time in the crazy run up to Christmas. I loved it! .

2. Whats the biggest thing to happen to you this year? 

Nothing big really happened to me in 2018. There was no big event to be honest. I turned 25 but that is as exciting as it got! 

3. What was the biggest thing to happen for your child/children this year? 

For Dylan I would have to go with the fact it snowed and the snow stayed, for days! Right over his fifth birthday and he was delighted! We all headed out in the freezing cold to celebrate and it was wonderful. Dylan doesn't remember seeing real snow that stayed long enough to play with and make snowballs. So we really made the most of it and had a snowball fight over the days it snowed. It also meant that school was closed!

Apart from turning one, the biggest thing to happen to Scarlet was learning to walk, she was trying to walk for so very long to walk and she'd much rather hold your hand and walk than to crawl. She started to take her first steps back in April but she really found her feet and took off at quite some speed during Dylan's sports day at school in June. She had amazing balance from the start so when she got going there really wasn't any stopping her! 

4. Could you pick a favourite week of the year? 

If I had to choose just one I would go with one of the weeks during the summer. We had some glorious days of sunshine and we spent as much time as we could together, getting out and having fun. My favourite week of summer had to be the week when we visited the zoo for the very first time, we had days at the park and my mum visited during that week too. 

5. Do you have a favourite photograph of yourself from 2017? 

This selfie of myself from back in June is my favourite of just me from this year. It's not often I get a photo of myself that doesn't make me want to point out my own flaws and this is one of the rare few!

6. What was your best day out? 

Visiting the Zoo for the first time. Sadly it was something me and the children did without Simon as he doesn't travel well and it's quite a walk away not to mention that it's entirely uphill so it is also quite a climb. We had an amazing day and Dylan was super impressed with every animal we found. He especially loved the monkeys and the bear. We plan to go back this coming summer as a family. 

7. What is the best film you have seen this year? 

Funnily enough I actually think it was Bird Box which is something I watched in very late December but it was amazing! I loved every second and it's not usually something I would choose. I'm glad I did and if you've not watched then I highly recommend you do. 

8. Is there anything you wish didn't happen this year? 

I got some bad news towards the end of this year regarding the health of a very dear family member. We haven't spoken in a long time and it had a big impact on me and my whole family. We can't change the news and we will have to deal with it some more this year.

9. What would you like to achieve or improve for 2019? 

This coming year I mainly want to be happier in myself. Through 2018 I found the Body Positivity movement on social media, this coming year I am hoping that I will be much more accepting of myself and my body. Just because I am overweight doesn't mean I shouldn't be happy too! So this year I want to change that. I'll have more coming up with a what I want from 2019 sometime in the next week or so. 

10. How will you be celebrating/did you celebrate New Years Eve?

We stayed home as per usual and Dylan stayed up for the first time ever to see the new year in! I'm not going to lie, come 9pm I was regretting saying he could as I was loosing my mine. He made it the entire night and we had fun watching Harry Potter together while we counted down the final hours of 2018. 

There you go. A whole year in 10 questions. It's amazing that it's over and we are already barrelling head long into 2019!

How was 2018 for you?


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