Monday, 16 December 2019

Christmas gift ideas for Children

*AD- some items featured have been gifted to me*

When it come to buying a Christmas gift for children there is so much selection out there! A vast variety of gifts that could entertain, interest and entice little minds but just what do we go for from a large selection? I have put together a few gift ideas which could be perfect for children of various ages. 

I'll start with a gift that can be perfect for babies of any age, a little pram toy. I love the little fish toy from One Pure Fox. The little fish is called Efie and he's made of completely organic GOTS certified fabric and filling. Which means that while being good fun for baby they are also good for the environment. The little pram toy is attached by the little wooden and metal clasp at the top which can also be removed from the string loop to wash it! Yes, it's washable, in the machine at a low temperature. It washes really well as I have washed this one a few times! It's Avery's favourite top and we've used it since birth.
You can purchase your own Efie the Fish from One Pure Fox for £14.95.

You can Adopt a Mermaid! I mean this probably would have been a real dream of mine when I was a child. You are now able to adopt a mermaid from Mermaid Adoptions and it includes much more than just a mermaid. We got a Mermaid Adoption pack that contained a mermaid doll too, They are available separate as are each of the dolls.
In our Mermaid Adoption pack you can find

  • An 18 inch Sea Sparkles Mermaid 
  • A blank Mermaid Adoption certificate
  • A letter of confirmation of adoption
  • An A4 Mermaid poster
  • A Mermaid card,
  • 2 Mermaid postcards
  • A face mask to assemble yourself
  • 3 Mermaid stickers 
  • A bookmark
  • A key ring 
  • A mermaid adoption badge
In each adoption pack you will also get quarterly emails updates sent through to keep you up to date with your mermaid. 

Our little Mermaid is called Lily and I just love her pink and blue hair! There are five Mermaid dolls to choose from each has it's own style and colour. I honestly think the Adoption pack is wonderful, it's very cute and it really would build so much excitement for any child who loves the mythical wonders. There are also Unicorn Adoptions and Dragon Adoptions available so there is something for the mythical lover in all children.

The even better news is that you can purchase the Mermaid Adoption pack from just £19.99 with Mermaid included!

It just wouldn't be Christmas without games and puzzles to play together would it? I love that every year we get a game or puzzle to play together. We are big fans of the Orchard Toys range and I had to include their very diverse range of games and puzzles with something to suit all ages from toddler to teen!

We really enjoy doing the Animal Shapes puzzle with Scarlet. It contains various animal shaped puzzles, each with a shape cut out. Finding which shape fits into each animal is all the fun and as each animal is a different colour it is really easy for toddlers to understand. It's a lovely puzzle to introduce when they are ready to move on from chunky wooden put the shape in the matching hole  to something that requires more motor skills.
You can purchase the Orchard Toys Animal Shapes puzzle for £6.98.

As for an older child the Orchard Toys range has lots of games to offer up for family fun this Christmas. Other than the iconic Shopping List Game a favourite of ours is Follow That Car! A fun domino style game with pieces containing various car types with several colours of each kind. The aim is to get rid of all your cars first but you can only place a car that matches the one beside it or is the same colour. The addition of road blocks and a roundabout brings even more excitement to the game too.
You can Purchase the Orchard Toys Follow That Car! game for £7.49.

Lastly but most certainly not least is the lovely book Autism with Lola: Playing with Bourbon Badger by Jodie Isitt. A book with a purpose, Autism with Lola is the first in the Autism with Love series and it has been created to help and teach people about Autism and how it affects children around us.

I know plenty of children and grown ups who have Autism and understanding their world is incredibly hard.  Having a story where you can teach children about Autism and disability can be really important, not everyone in the world can do the same things and that's okay. Jodie has used woodland animals in the story to help really capture a child's imagination and to entice them into the story of the book.
The book is completed with beautiful subtle illustrations by Lucy Smith. I think her images of Lola really help to bring the story to life  for children's imaginations.
Lola is a bunny, but she is different, Lola has Autism and in the story we see some of the traits and sign of autism and anxiety being used. The story follows Lola in her day at school where she is having fun painting, her favourite! When suddenly it's break time and the other children all get excited about tidying up, getting louder and Lola is scared, she doesn't like the noise, it's hurting her ears. She hides, trying to stop the nose by holding her ears when Bourbon Badger starts to shush everyone, trying to help Lola. It's through the signs that Bourbon Badger can see Lola is upset and finding things hard. the story continues through playing together and some of the Autism traits that Lola has that day. It highlights these traits and there is a very special section on advice from professionals for any parent or career who can see similarities between Lola and their children.

I think the Autism with Lola: Playing with Bourbon Badger by Jodie Isitt book would be a lovely gift for a child who might have autism or even for a friend or family member of children with Autism. It's a lovely story to read together and it could answer a lot of questions for children too.
You can purchase Autism with Lola: playing with Bourbon Badger by Jodie Isitt for £8.49

I hope you found a gift that will be perfect this Christmas!
Merry Christmas

Friday, 13 December 2019

Christmas gifts that would be perfect for any adult {with giveaway}

*AD- Some items featured have been gifted*

Finding a gift for most adults is often much harder than buying gifts for children, at least in my experience! This year I am sharing some gift ideas that would work for many adults in your life. 

 I for one struggle with going to sleep at night and drifting off and I am sure that I'm not the only one. Why not gift someone who you know struggles with sleeping a little helping hand to drift off with the Puressentiel Sleep Easy gift set. This set contains a Rest and Relax air spray in 75ml, 100% organic rest and relax massage oil in 100ml and a true lavender organic essential oil in 10ml all tucked up nicely in the Puressentiel cosmetic bag. This set is perfect for relaxing, unwinding and preparing for a good nights sleep this Christmas. The Sleep Easy gift set isn't the only one available from Puressentiel either, the range includes Pamper and Glow, Pure Scents (air sprays), Scents of Serenity and Scents of Purity too. You can purchase the Puressentiel Sleep Easy gift set for £19.99

Another great way to relax is with candles. I personally love candles and at this time of year they fill our home with the scents of Christmas which is why I love this NEOM Christmas Wish candle is made up with over 10 essential oils in a hand poured wax mix and you can really feel like Christmas is here. Each candle has all natural ingredients and this single wick version can burn for up to 35 hours!  The NEOM candle range is a lovely treat for any candle lover this Christmas. You can purchase the NEOM Christmas Wish 1 wick candle for £32

Give a card with a difference this Christmas. Talkies by Talking Print is just that, an audio card inside which you share a voice message up to 30 seconds long that can be recorded at home ready to send off to the lucky recipient. I love the idea of Talkies cards, a moment of time captured to be played back up to 200 times! You can decide what should be on the front of your card too with the option to create your own at home on a blank card or a printed card. There are several options for a printed card with at least five Christmas themed images or upload your own to use. While choosing which you'd like, consider if you want your card to come pre-loaded with your voice message or if you'd prefer to do it yourself at home. We did ours in our home and it couldn't have been easier! To record your message you simply hold in the red dot and it starts recording after a beep. It was honestly so easy. You can write your message on the opposite side of the card for that special someone. 
You can purchase your own Talkies Audio Cards from: blank (£4.95), Printed card without audio pre-loaded (£7.95) or Printed cards with audio (£9.95).

If you want to give something a little more special than an audio card this season you can go for the Talkies Video Cards which can be personalised with a printed card design or again with your own image along with the option of a blank card to complete at home. The difference with a Video card from Talkies is that the inside has a recorded video of a memory or massage you'd like to share with your loved one. I love this idea and think these are the perfect way to preserve memories of children or grandchildren for family members we don't often see as often as we'd like. You have the option of a 4 inch video card or a 7 inch video card too. As you can see the blank card (4 inch version shown open) comes with a video of instructions on how to load it up with your chosen video as long as it fits the 256mb memory of each card. The other big plus for me with the video cards is that they can be charged using the provided USB transfer wire so the memory captured can be rewatched for as long as you choose. I think these would be a lovely Christmas gift to look back on as the family changes and grows. 
You can purchase Talkies Video Cards from: blank (£26.95), Printed card without audio pre-loaded (£30.95) or Printed cards with audio (£34.95).

If you know a film or TV show fan your sure to find an adorable collectible in the Dorbz range which are a version of Funko Pop. I for one love to watch a good show or movie and this Sadness Dorbz from Inside Out is just so cute! their little round shape is really appealing and since they are collectible you can always add on with others in the range. These are the perfect gift for any geeky friends you know! You can purchase the Sadness Dorbz for £7.95

We all know that one person who loves to be organised or at least one who tries really hard to be organised and could use a little hand to get there. A calendar with a bit of a bright and happy touch would make a lovely gift this Christmas and I personally love this calendar from DorkFace. Gemma is a lovely lady who creates pretty amazing art and this year she put together this special calendar which has unique prints she created for each month with a little something extra at the end. The final page is a little tick sheet with activities or things to try to accomplish through the year like bake cookies, go swimming, told someone you loved them and more. Gemma has just a few of these calendars left but there is a whole range of creative pieces available in her shop. You can purchase the DorkFace 2020 Calendar for just £8.

We're all familiar with the big chocolate boxes available at Christmas but what do you do when they don't like chocolate and prefer sweets? I noticed the Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites and I immediately picked one up. Simon complains every year that he doesn't like chocolate and he'd prefer sweets so this year that's just what he'll get! This really is a great gift for the sweet lover in your family who much rather enjoy the classic sweets like love hearts or double dip this Christmas. This box is available in most supermarkets like Tesco this Christmas for just £5.

Last but certainly not least is something that is perfect for anyone who loves to play golf. Golfamore is a yearly subscription to get access to golf course all around the world at discount prices. With Golfamore launching this year into the UK they are delighted to have new members gaining access with discount green fees for some of the top golf courses here in the UK. They'll be delighted to start all new adventures in golfing by trying the places they always dreamed about. The even better news is that they can even get discounts for courses all around the world so taking a day while on holiday isn't out of the question! What's even better is that the subscription is perfect for those last minute gifts if you need it since the promotion will run right up to Christmas eve! I think it would be a lovely gift this Christmas to pop the details inside a card for something they really aren't expecting.
To give the gift of access to an extensive list of golf courses around the world is even easier with a special promotion price subscription to Golfamore of just £25 this Christmas.

As a little extra for our readers this Christmas Golfamore have given me a subscription to giveaway to one of our lucky readers! To enter just use the Gleam widget below. 

Win a years subscription to Golfamore

Terms and conditions.

  • Entrants must be aged 18 years or over.
  • Competition is open to UK residents only.
  • Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions
  • The winners will be selected at random from all the correct entries received before the closing date and time.
  • All prizes must be accepted as offered. There can be no alternative awards, cash or otherwise.  
  • There will be one winner who will receive a year subscription to Golfamore
  • The prize will be sent directly from the PR.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Christmas gift ideas that are Eco Friendly

*Some items featured in this guide have been gifted*

When it comes to buying gifts this Christmas I am trying to choose more options that are Eco friendly. Through the year I have been trying to reduce our waste and chase things we use daily to a more Environmentally Friendly product when I can. I know that some of our friends and family are doing the same and getting those people a gift that is better for the environment seems like a better option to me. With that in mind I have put together five options that would make lovely gifts this Christmas.

Stocking fillers can actually be quite hard to think of, you'd be surprised by just how much it takes to  fill a stocking if you've never done it before! I love the idea of adding in something that will be useful beyond just Christmas morning which makes the DEENO-saur organic bamboo toothbrushes just perfect! The brushes bristles are coloured with the options of purple, orange and aqua. Each brush handle has the little DEENO-saur on which I think makes it look really cute and appealing to children. Plus the brushes all come in their own individual box with a unique design for each colour. Inside the brush is safe in a Paper bag for extra protection and it means that all the packaging is recyclable! The DEENO-saur organic bamboo toothbrushes are available in a pack of 3 (one of each colour) £6.99 or individually £3.99

When it comes to gifts for children why not consider a new organic clothing item from Boy Wonder. A brand who are new, they have just re-launched their Kick Starter campaign in recent days and with over 30% of their goal reached already they are set to be a big hit. Boy Wonder is a brand of organic boys clothing made here in the UK from certified organic yarn. The range will include some lovely bright and bold prints of T-shirts and jumpers which are available at a special reduced price during the kickstarter campaign. I think these would make lovely gifts for boys this Christmas and the Fish T-shirt is my favourite but there are a few designs to choose from including ice cream, caravan and milk designs. Check out the Boy Wonder kick starter with their range starting at just £33 with several other options to support Boy Wonder in their launch.

Giving a gift that will get used often is what we all want at Christmas time so what better to give than useful items like a water bottle or metal straws. I love having our metal straws out with me in the bag so that should we need one we always have it to use. I like the bend feature in these straws and with an 8 pack of two different sizes of Metal Straws just £3.99 they would be perfect for the family this Christmas.

It took me months to find a water bottle I loved that wasn't entirely made of plastic. When I finally came across My Manna water bottle made from glass I thought it was worth a try and I honestly use it almost daily now! The Manna Glass bottle is made to be used with both hot or cold drinks so if you finish your water and fancy a coffee while your out, you can just rinse and re-use! Did I mention that it keeps the temperate regulated inside to keep your drink at a level temperate for as long as possible. Thanks to the silicone slip on the outside your hands are protected from both the heat and cold too. Mine has a hook style top which I do like but this particular bottle is no longer available and I have found another Manna Glass Bottle with a bamboo lid in the same style for £9.98 including delivery. 

Finally on Christmas we all want a bit of fun and as I am sure many families do, we enjoy playing games over Christmas. This year I am really excited to play Nudge a fun two player game that is completely different to any we know yet still familiar enough to have us addicted to playing over and over again. The aim is to use each of your two moves every turn to try and nudge your opponent off the edge of the board. However you can only move your opponent when your line is bigger than theirs which means you can only move in the one direction while your pieces are connected. It sounds a little complicated at first but like any great board game it gets easier as you play and get used to the rules. Everything about Nudge is environmentally friendly and yes a game might not be an essential but I really love that this could be a really well loved gift at both Christmas or birthday's. The board you play on is made from recycled grey board and the play counters are bio-plastic made from a starch base so after 3-6 months in the elements they'll biodegrade back to the earth! I love Nudge and I am excited to share it with friends and family this Christmas. Nudge is available for £9.99.

Which of our Eco gifts will be on your list this Christmas?

Merry Christmas! 
Friday, 6 December 2019

Bringing the magic of Christmas into our home with An Elf For Christmas {Review}

*AD - We have been sent the Product featured*
*All thoughts and opinions are my own*    

Christmas is my favourite time of year and I just love to build up the magic with the Children in the run up. One great way to add some extra special magic this Christmas is to bring an Elf in to join your family for December. We're so excited to bring our new Elf friend from An Elf For Christmas into our home this December!

We've been sent the Boy Elf For Christmas Magical Reward Kit from the An Elf For Christmas selection. Inside the Reward kit you can find a Boy Elf For Christmas, Elf living here sign, two letters to Santa, 1 reward chart, 1 sheet of stickers, 2 arrival letters, 2 nice list awards, 8 elf cards to encourage/ reward good behaviour and a thank you postcard. 

The selection from An Elf For Christmas also includes Girl Elves and comes in a dark skinned version which means they are perfect for every family! You can get the Boy and Girl Elves on their own too.

Bringing An Elf For Christmas into your home during December can mean something different for every family. The Elves can get up to no good, be kind, do funny things, prompt activities for your children or they could even just come to play hide and seek at night! Our Elf will do various activities throughout December. We've already had our Elf remind us to write our letters to Santa and tonight he's going to do some Elf Magic and transform our normal hen's eggs into something more delicious! Can you guess what it might be?

An Elf For Christmas Elves have a cute, friendly face, festive elf sized clothing including striped tights and a lovely little bauble hat. Each elf also has a Velcro square on one hand to help make them more versatile for lots of Elf fun like holding on to something.

I love that the kit comes with so many little extras that you can use with An Elf For Christmas Elves throughout December. I am particularly excited to include the Reward chart in our Elf fun this year. It will be perfect for those final days before Christmas when school ends and we need help to tidy toys or special jobs need done. 

The perfect way to end the reward chart and all of the December Elf fun will be with the Nice List certificates! Each year our Elf magically leaves us on Christmas Eve leaving behind our Christmas Eve box and I think these will make a lovely little finishing touch for our December. 

The great news is that Elves can arrive any time in December so if you would really like to bring An Elf For Christmas into your home this December there is still plenty of time! We love our Elf even though he did show up 5 days into December after having a special assignment from Santa to do first. 

You can purchase A Boy Elf For Christmas Reward Chart from An Elf For Christmas for £19.99.
Monday, 25 November 2019

A new found freedom from travel anxiety with The Frenzy Folding Commuter Scooter from {Review}

*We have been gifted the item featured in the review. All opinions are my own*

Getting around isn't easy for us as a family, Simon suffers with anxiety and that encompasses travel anxiety which makes using transport impossible. Usually we would walk everywhere we go which in turn limits what we can do together. When got in touch about trying the Frenzy Folding Commuter Scooter I thought it would be perfect as a solution for Simon travelling around. 

We have received the Frenzy 215mm Black and Green Folding Commuter Scooter. You can see above that the scooter has a nice sleek and cohesive look. The dark green and black finish is accented by small touches of silver in the mechanisms on the Frenzy Commuter Scooter. 

There is a very easy to use folding mechanism with a slot for your finger to pull the locking clip up out of the mechanism and close the scooter letting the clip drop back down into the mechanism to lock the scooter closed. I love this design as it's so easy to use and can be done quickly which is perfect for Simon since there is a chance he'll looking after children at the time he needs to close the Frenzy Commuter Scooter. It would also be perfect for anyone doing the work commute since you don't want to be fiddling around with a folding clip to go to or from work. 

Being able to quickly and easily fold down the scooter is really big plus especially since it can be carried with the adjustable carry strap. I think this is my personal favourite feature since it means Simon can still be very hands on with the children. This is also a big plus for Simon since other avenues of transport like a bicycle would have an added anxiety of leaving it locked with a bicycle lock or similar. Since the Frenzy folding commuter scooter can be carried it means he can just take it with him which is especially handy when we go through buildings like bus stations or train stations where he can meet us. I will say that he wasn't comfortable carrying the scooter on one shoulder and found a cross body position was much more comfortable.

The Frenzy folding commuter scooter is adjustable in height thanks to the movable height of the handlebars. They also lock in place at three different heights for extra stability! 

The Frenzy folding commuter scooter comes with their premium urethane wheels which give a smoother ride. Simon commented a few times about how he wasn't expecting the ride to feel as smooth as it did. We first took the scooter for a test around an enclosed park area where there is a decently smooth path however there have been some areas where it isn't as smooth as you'd like and he has had no problems at all. Simon has mentioned that the brake needs to be pushed quite hard, to actually brake and stop no matter what the weather and condition of the ground. He said he has to brake much harder than you might think. Although the benefit is that you can easily adjust the speed with the force you use on the brake which is a benefit for areas where hills or speeds can be involved.

It is easy to control even at speed and the control for turning is quite fluid provided you don't try to use a sharp turn. As with most scooters the Frenzy folding commuter scooter is entirely powered by your own strength and so can be easily adjusted in regards to speed depending on how comfortable you are with it. Simon has become very confident and can easily 'zoom' (his exact description) to various places in minutes. 

An extra benefit to us other than the major getting around point I mentioned at the beginning is that Dylan and Scarlet are excited every time we go anywhere that they can use their scooter or bike as it means they can race Simon on his! 

There have been so many unexpected benefits to The Frenzy Folding Commuter Scooter from Simon uses it as much as he can since it's not recommended to be used in the rain with the grip tape surface. It offers so much freedom for Simon which has previously been lost.
 I can see this being a major game changer for us come spring and summer which makes it a fantastic Christmas gift for anyone who commutes or like us doesn't/ cannot use transport vehicles. I love that it has a wide range of who this would be perfect for as any teenager/ adult would be able to easily use this scooter thanks to how adjustable it is. It is a fantastic long term investment.

You can purchase The Frenzy Folding Commuter Scooter in Green/ Black from for £129.95. Although it is currently on sale for Black Friday for £109.95 at the time of posting. 

Photo of the week {25/11/2019}

Christmas is really on the way now! We have decorated the house, started to think about advent calendars and we even saw Santa briefly. The season of magic has began and we are all pretty excited. Christmas is my favourite time of year and since we also celebrate both mine and Simon's birthday's in December plus we got together 11 years ago on Saturday there.

Have you started to decorate for Christmas yet or do you wait for December to begin?
Saturday, 16 November 2019

Making our own music with Halilit Toddler Music Orchestra {Review}

*AD - This is a PR collaboration*

We all know about the X factor but this year we are working with Halilit and other bloggers to share the #AwFactor!

Scarlet has taken a real liking to music lately and it doesn't matter if its a made up song or a number one hit she's dancing along to. Which is why I was so excited to be joining in with the #AwFactor for Halilit. We have been testing out the new Halilit Toddler Music Orchestra which has just launched. Inside you can find a rattle roller, shaker maraca, bell shaker, ocean drum, baby xylophone (with beater) and a music sheet with 4 songs to play.

Scarlet was immediately drawn to the Baby Xylophone and music sheet. The Xylophone is accurately tuned making it a fantastic first instrument for children to enjoy and learn with. I loved that the music sheet follows the colours of the keys as well as the notes which are also on the xylophone along either side of the keys. Scarlet had so much fun playing along to jingle bells and more. It's been a real hit and she has even had my mum playing with her!

I was really surprised by how much Scarlet enjoyed the Rattle Roller, she was able to hold on and play pretty easily and she loves the sound it makes. The click clacking sound is the loudest sound from the whole set but is still fairly soft when you think of instruments. To play you simply roll it along your hand or even on the floor (on carpet).

I think my favourite of the instruments in the Halilit Toddler Music Orchestra is the Ocean Drum. Which is a small flat drum with a rounded rim perfect for little hands to hold. Inside it contains small coloured plastic balls which roll around when shaken. It has such a beautiful sound whichever way you want to play it, shaking or tapping. The Ocean Drum has a professional skin on top which is strong and helps create this wonderful clear sound.

Each of the five instruments in the Toddler Music Orchestra is perfect for small hands with handles and smooth surfaces. I love that the hand held instruments make soft sounds and are easy to use without much force. Scarlet has loved being able to just grab one and play in her own way without any real help.

The bright, creative appearance of each piece in the Orchestra Set from Halilit is attractive and interesting to capture young minds. The set would make the perfect present this Christmas for small children who love to explore, dance and make music

You can purchase the Halilit Toddler Music Orchestra for £34.

Do you have any small children on your Christmas list this year?

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Making our own Greek yogurt with The EasiYo Yogurt Maker

*AD - This is a PR collaboration*

We've been trying to find ways to be more Eco friendly while still having the things we love and one of the things we all love is yogurt! However I really don't love that it comes covered in plastic of all kinds. It's wasteful and we'd already switched most of our yogurt to come in big pots and avoid as much plastic as we could but it's still wasteful to just recycle all the plastic containers. Which is why I got really excited when EasiYo got in touch about trying their Greek Yogurt range. 

EasiYo is a super easy to use at home yogurt maker, so easy in fact that the children loved getting involved in the making process. Both Dylan and Scarlet love yogurt and will often eat them more than once a day so getting them involved was a big plus for me. There are just a few steps to make and you only need three pieces of equipment too! 

Most of what you'll need in inside the box of the EasiYo Yogurt maker. You can see above that the box contains the yogurt maker (ours is pink), a plastic insert that goes inside (ours is already installed), a 1kg yogurt pot and an instruction leaflet. We have also got two different flavours of Greek style EasiYo yogurt in strawberry and banana flavour. 

It's really easy to get started with the EasiYo yogurt maker. Take the yogurt pot and half fill with room temperature water, this is a very important step and will affect the yogurt if the water is too cold or too warm. We used cold tap water and left it on the counter for half an hour. Once your water is the right temperature you can add in your yogurt mixture.

Now you've got to shake it! Scarlet and Dylan loved the shaking part and couldn't resist singing the 'shake it' song.

Once you have finished shaking you need to fill to the 1kg line on the yogurt pot and voila! Your yogurt mix is finished.

The next steps require the use of freshly boiled water. You need to fill the yogurt maker up to the highest point of the red divider with boiled water and place the yogurt pot inside so it sits on the divider inside the yogurt maker. I did all of these steps and the photo of Dylan above was taken before the water was added. Please be extra careful if your using boiling water around children.

Now you need to place the lid on tightly and leave the yogurt maker on a table or counter for 8-12 hours or overnight.

The final step is to take the yogurt out of the maker, place in the fridge and pour away the water from the yogurt maker. Once the yogurt is chilled you can enjoy, I did find that when I opened the yogurt there was a layer on top of what i think is the fats inside the yogurt mix. I wasn't sure what to do with it as it wasn't mentioned in the instructions so I used a spoon and removed a thin layer from the top of the yogurt.

I then dished up some yogurt and banana for dessert, everyone had a bowl and it was delicious! Both Dylan and Scarlet loved the whole bowl and Dylan even had a second. The Greek style isn't something I would have picked up in a shop as I personally don't like the texture of Greek yogurt but the EasiYo Greek Style has more of a yogurt texture which I loved and the taste was perfectly zingy with a strong banana flavour.

The best thing about using EasiYo to make yogurt is there's so little waste! Everything apart from the mix packet is reusable and since it makes a 1kg pot it lasts for a while. Each pot of yogurt can even be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks. Which is perfect for us as we usually take around a week and a half to eat 1kg of yogurt depending on the flavour of course.

I'm really excited to try the other flavours in the range of Greek Style EasiYo yogurt as we have really love both the banana and strawberry flavours and it is just so easy to make!

I would recommend EasiYo yogurt and the yogurt maker to anyone who uses a lot of yogurt. Families and individuals would all benefit from the maker and making their own yogurt. Not to mention the impact it would make for the environment by preventing the plastic waste of disposable yogurt pots.

You can purchase your own EasiYo Yogurt Maker (£16.75) and Various types of Yogurt Mix (from £2.60)

 Have you ever considered making your own yogurt?
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Blogiversary Giveaway - Win An IMO Q2 Plus mobile phone

*AD - This is a PR collaberation.*

It's been five whole years, since I first started to type out on an old laptop to share our lives with family who are across oceans from us. A way for them to see how Dylan was growing, changing and learning as well as what he loved and enjoyed. It's amazing to think that here we are five years later and so much more has come of our little blog, it's grown, changed and is a little passion that I enjoy in between the parenting and housework and all the other responsibility of life. It's a place where I have a collection of all the best parts of parenting we've experienced along with our pictures, memories and so much more. 

 To help celebrate Us Two Plus You being five years old this week we will be sharing a few giveaways for our readers! We're starting off today with an exciting one as I have an IMO Q2 Plus mobile phone to giveaway to one lucky reader.

IMO is a mobile phone company who want to give their customers the best of what they really need from a mobile phone without the hefty price tag for gizmos and gadgets you might not need. They aim to give people the connections they need to the world efficently and within a reasonable budget. 

Their latest model has launched this month, the IMO Q2 Plus mobile phone is now available in shops. It's the ideal phone to give to children as their first handset. Which is perfect for parents like me who worry about what will happen when it comes to them wanting a phone for themselves. 

The IMO Q2 Plus is built to be both stylish and simple in it's design with clean lines and one tone of colour throughout. The simplicity doesn't end there either, with Android Go as it's operating system it's a familiar framework that so many of us are used to. With the welcome effect of using less app storage space on the phone as a whole! A total win for parents as we all know our children want so many apps on their phones at once.  

The actual processing power of the phone isn't too shabby either with a 1.4 GHz quad core processor the IMO Q2 Plus offers a smooth ride in terms of performance. You'll be able to search the web, upload or download with ease. 

With a 4 inch screen and dimentions of 124mm x 34mm the IMO Q2 is perfect for small hands to keep hold of and easily use the phone. Plus you can choose between black, blue and pink colours. 

With front and rear facing cameras you can snap some photographs to share with your friends and family too. 

It's perfect for exploring with or for anyone going off the grid since it has some pretty astonishing stand by battery life, it last for up to 15 days! That is all down to the 1500mAh battery giving you all the power you'll need. 

You can purchase the IMO Q2 Plus for just £47 with Vodafone (£37 for the phone and £10 top up voucher). The IMO Q2 Plus is also available from Asda and Argos.

Now for the giveaway! You could be in with the chance to win your own IMO Q2 Plus by entering using the Gleam widget below. 

Good Luck! 

Entrants must be aged 18 years or over.
Competition is open to UK residents only.
Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions
The winners will be selected at random from all the correct entries received before the closing date and time.
All prizes must be accepted as offered. There can be no alternative awards, cash or otherwise.
There will be one winner who will receive an IMO Q2 Plus mobile phone
The prize will be sent directly from the PR.

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