Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas

There is just one week left until we hit Christmas! Can you believe we are here already? With Christmas creeping up and school preparing to finish for the year it's time for me to turn on my out of office, (I actually have one of those now!) to say goodbye and get myself into celebration mode.

It's been a busy month for us as, I'm sure it has been for many and I do love to blog through the festive season. To remember so many of the great things we do over Christmas through our own traditions. I enjoy sharing gift ideas and other festive posts. Not to mention celebrating my birthday. However with just one week left before the big day it's time to take a break. 

Christmas after all is about family and spending time together. This year I have decided I want to take this break now and come back in the New Year ready to start again, refreshed, stuffed to almost bursting capacity and hopefully filled with many great memories. I hope that this Christmas will be all of that and more for our little family as well as for yours.

So Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays should you not celebrate Christmas. Have fun with your friends and family and most of all cherish every moment of this magical time.


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