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What is included in our Christmas Eve Box this year

It's Christmas time, throughout December the magic grows in children all across the world in anticipation of Christmas day. As adults that magic fades, however one of my favourite things about being a parent is getting to relive that magic every single year through their eyes. 

Who am I kidding? I love Christmas! I don't think the magic ever really faded away for me and I adore being able to add my own magic for Dylan and Scarlet each year. One of the ways we add magic is to create our own Christmas Eve box. 

Christmas Eve boxes first started in America and in recent years they've made a big splash here in the UK too. I've seen everything inside from little fun and cheap ideas right through to toys and more being hidden inside for children. Personally I prefer to do our box as a treat that helps us to build a little extra excitement. We have a budget for our box and as our family has grown over the last two years we have chose to keep things the same but just to double most things inside.

We still have one box for everyone, this year we will be using this white distressed look crate which actually came with a hamper I won earlier this year. The crate is the perfect side to hold enough treats for us all to enjoy alongside everything else we will include. In previous years I have used a handmade box which was made by a family member along with a small crate type box I found in Poundland. 

The most important part of the Christmas Eve Box is of course brand new pyjamas for both Dylan and Scarlet. This may seem very ordinary but growing up I always remember getting new pyjamas on Christmas eve for getting out of the bath and I felt it was important to keep this part of our traditions for my own children. This year I went with matching Christmas pyjamas for Scarlet and Dylan. We went with cute Santa Squad ones from B&M Bargains. At just £3.99 for the baby sizes and £4.99 for the children's sizes they are cute and fitted well within our budget. There are even matching men's and ladies versions for a whole matching set. 

Along with a new pair of pyjamas I like to get both children new socks. Neither Dylan or Scarlet tend to wear slippers for long and new socks make a lovely alternative and keep their feet a little warmer after their bath and through the exciting morning of Christmas. Usually we go with some nice fluffy socks or ones with a funky little design. This year we picked up two pairs in Poundland of all places.

Another tradition of ours is making Santa treats to have when he visits on Christmas eve. Each year we make a batch of biscuits which we get to enjoy alongside our hot chocolate and then leave some out for Santa. Usually I would spend extra time making up a mix that contains all the dry ingredients in a glass jar. This year I opted for a little cheat and got this packaged mixture of Rainbow Cookies from Betty Crocker. This will be perfect and make things a little different since we usually make shortbread, this year it will be rainbow cookies! I did get this in a hamper of American treats and I have kept it to the side for our box however there are plenty of others available herein the UK from Betty Crocker. 

We also include a colouring book or activity book. The aim is that the box will contain everything we need to enjoy the whole day. By including a little activity that only needs some supervision we can ensure that at the times through the day when we need a break or we need to do adult jobs then we can still keep the children busy and excited. I try to get something themed to Christmas and we'll add to it by getting out our Christmas puzzles and books that have attachments. This year I just picked up an activity pack for around a pound which we opened and included with colouring for Scarlet and the activity book for Dylan. 

Towards the middle of the day we will take a walk and once we get back it's cold and we are all feeling the chill. When we get inside I love to warm up with a good hot chocolate so we include a hot chocolate inside along with marshmallows. This year I added some small sachets of Options hot chocolate. I'll add four into our box so everyone has one of their own, perfect paired with cream and mini marshmallows.

Another little treat I include is a special bath bomb or bubble bar from LUSH. Both children love being in the bath with bubbles and wonderful colours. This year there is a new Snowflake Bubble Spinner from LUSH that has the scent of fresh snow. Personally that is one of my favourite scents and I think it will be perfect for Christmas to add a little scent of snow. I love that these are also reusable and will last for a good few baths over the festive season too. A great little treat for £6.95.

After bath time we will all settle down for a movie. Almost every year that film will be The Polar Express. It's Dylan's favourite Christmas movie and this year I finally got around to buying the DVD which will be slotted into our box. I got a copy on Amazon for just £4.98 so it will be well loved for many years to come. Along with our film we will have some popcorn and various special treats to enjoy. I picked up a selection from shops over the past few weeks. There is something for everyone in our selection.

The final part of our box is our Christmas Eve Book. Each year we will create our own Christmas Book Advent with 23 Christmas themed books inside. I recently shared some of our favourites which are inside our advent. On Christmas Eve our book comes from the box and this year it is The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas by Tom Fletcher. These are some of Dylan's favourite books so it was obvious that we needed the Christmas edition too! Plus I couldn't say no at £4.

I'm so excited to see how both children will like our Christmas Eve box this year and I am pleased that overall we have managed to stay within £40 which seems like a lot. However when you consider I have managed to get two pairs of pyjamas and socks along with a book, DVD and LUSH treat in that as well as all the goodies for our movie I am pretty pleased. 

Do you have a Christmas Eve Box? 
I'd love to know what you include in yours.


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