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Our top ten Christmas books for the festive season

Each year I take some time in November to wrap up all our Christmas books in an advent calendar. I started this tradition a few years ago as a way to increase our Christmas book collection. Since then we have added to our collection and now we have almost enough to do all 24 days that lead to Christmas. Well minus the board books that both children like to have out on the book shelf from November. This year I am adding in our last 4 books which means that most of the books will be those we already own. I plan to wrap up every book and randomly number each. 

While it is 10 days into December I wanted to share our top 10 books for Christmas. As avid readers I love that through December we get to experience different Christmas or winter themed books with our bedtime stories. The children also love the excitement of not knowing which book is for the day from our Advent Calendar. 

1. The Night Before Christmas

Of course we have to start with a classic. We have a range of classic Christmas stories which we have picked up however the favourite out of our collection is The Night Before Christmas. It's a story we all know and it's one of the first Christmas stories we ever bought. The traditional tale is told about Christmas eve when Father Christmas comes to visit the children and everyone is fast asleep. This one is a must for any Christmas Book Collection and a great place to start if you haven't got one.

2. The Snowman

This is another great Christmas Classic and if you haven't read the story of The Snowman then you've watched it. A tale all about a boy who builds a snowman which comes to live on Christmas Eve to fly the boy on a great adventure. I must say The Snowman has always been a fond Christmas memory for me and I want it to be for my own children. I think this is another must for a Christmas book collection.

3. Mog's Christmas Calamity by Judith Kerr

The final big classic that is in our top ten had to be one of the Mog stories. A lovable little cat who seems to get into a lot of trouble. We love Mog's Christmas Calamity. Disaster strikes and Christmas seems ruined when Mog ends up tangled in some tinsel. After setting Christmas alight it almost seems like Christmas can't happen. The love and neighbourly kindness saves the whole day in the end. This story really shows the Christmas spirit and the joy it is all about.

4. Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler

We had to include one of Dylan's all time favourite Christmas Books which is Stick Man. A story about a Stick Man and his stick family. Stick Man is mistaken for a silly old stick and ends up being very, very far away from his family at Christmas time. He sad, lonely and alone. Will he be able to make it home before Christmas?
As huge Julia Donaldson fans this is one of our go to Christmas stories for the festive season and you can guarantee it will be read several times over the coming days.

5. Norman The Slug who Saved Christmas by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

We are huge fans of Sue Hendra too. This Christmas book has a favourite character of ours, Norman the Slug. This time he's saving the day in Norman The Slug Who Saved Christmas. Fast asleep in his bed on Christmas Eve, he finds himself the bearer of more gifts than he thought he would get this year from Santa. Only to discover they have been accidentally delivered to him. Can he wrap up the gifts without any tape and deliver them to the right children in time for Christmas Morning?
This book is new to our collection this year however Dylan and Scarlet already love hearing the story and I know it will be one we look forward to each year.

6. Little Duck's First Christmas by Dawn Richards and Heidi D'hamers

This story is one which we got last year for Scarlet's first Christmas. Little Duck's First Christmas is about a little duck on is first Christmas. He would really like for the Christmas Bear to come and visit him. However he isn't sure if he has been as good as he should have. He sets of to find a good deed to do and help his chances of getting that important visit from the Christmas Bear. It's a lovely little story which shows how there is always time for more good deeds at Christmas time, even if you haven't done any yet.

7. That's Not My Elf

The books in the Usborne 'That's Not My' range have been a firm favourite ever since Dylan was a baby. As you can imagine we've grown quite a collection of them. However we've not had any of the Christmas range up to this year. The That's Not My Elf book is already Scarlet's favourite out of our Christmas books and we've only had it a week. I don't even think it's made to the book shelf yet! This book is filled with the touchy-feely pages of the whole range and is the perfect Christmas book for babies and toddlers.

8. Ten Skinny snowflakes by Russell Julian

Each year we add new books and this is one we added when Dylan was in nursery. He loved counting books and inside Ten Shinny Snowflakes you can watch the snowflakes disappear through the pages as all the woodland friends come out and play games in the snow. This one is perfect for practising counting with a snowy, winter twist.

9. Laura's Christmas Star by Klaus Baumgart

I think this one might be one of my favourites from our collection. Laura's Christmas Star, this book is about Laura and her family who face car troubles on their way to visit family at Christmas. They must return home and have nothing ready for Christmas. Laura and her special star make Christmas magical for her brother, Tommy. A little story about the magic of believing at Christmas time and all the wonderful things Christmas can be.

10. Little Lost Penguin

The final book in our top ten is the story of Little, Lost Penguin. A lonely little egg hatches all alone in a frozen landscape and goes on a great adventure with lots of different animals on a mission to find his missing mum. Follow along with his adventure and see if he can find his family.
This one is a lovely tale which is always enjoyed by us. It's exciting, fun but it's full of love too.

Have you got a favourite Christmas Story?

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  1. Thanks for the list. I want to get my granddaughter some Christmas books, so this has given me some great ideas.


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