Monday, 10 December 2018

Gift Ideas when your buying for Babies and Toddlers this Christmas

Buying gifts for Babies and Toddlers can be tricky. Smaller babies are harder to buy for since they can't use toys and already have an abundance of clothing. As they grow and become toddlers they love everything and at that age people get lots of toys for Christmas which can all add up. Today I'm sharing just a few ideas on what you can buy for babies and toddlers this Christmas.

Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set.

Childs Farm have been our go to baby bath and body wash for a long time now. Their products are kind to sensitive skin and can use on all skin types including those who are prone to eczema. With approval from dermatologists and paediatricians you can be sure the range will be kind for all skin types. The Baby Bedtime Set is just perfect for babies at bath time with everything you need for that bedtime routine all inside one box. In this set you'll find Baby Bedtime Bubbles, Baby Wash and Baby Moisturiser all in 250ml bottles.

You can purchase the Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set for £13.

That's Not My Book

All year round we are all book worms and Scarlet is no different. She adores looking at, reading and turning the pages of books. Some of her favourite books come from the 'That's Not My' book range from Usborne Books. It seemed perfect to include one in our gift ideas list since so many children love these books. We've choose this lovely little festive book from the range that is called That's Not My Angel. with lots of different surfaces and textures throughout the book they are perfect for toddlers this Christmas. 

You can purchase this That's Not My Angel book for £6.99.

Animal Shapes Puzzle 

Another great love of ours is puzzles and games. From a very small age children love puzzles and games. Surprisingly there is a huge range available for toddlers and one of our favourite puzzles for toddlers is the Animal Shapes Puzzle from Orchard Toys. We are big fans and own an ever growing selection of Orchard Toys puzzles and games. This one is a box of animal shaped pieces which each have one shape missing from their middle. Your toddler needs to put the right piece into the right animal. Each animal has it's own colour too. Perfect for helping them develop new skills and still have fun learning through play this Christmas. 

You Can Purchase the Animal Shapes Puzzle from Orchard Toys for £8

A New Stuffed Friend.

By now we've all heard of Build A Bear. They make great stuffed friends and with a huge selection to choose from there will be something for everyone and for every budget. This Christmas why not give your child or toddler the experience of building their own bear. Now this one might be a little different as I don't actually suggest going out and buying the bear. However I think a gift card with a date for after Christmas when you can go together and create the special bear or animal together would make a lovely gift this Christmas. 

You can purchase a gift card for Build a Bear for various amounts starting at  £25. 

There you have it. Just a few ideas to help if your buying for a baby or toddler this Christmas. 

*This guide contains gifted items. All opinions are mine and I made the final decision to include all the items above.*


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