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Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

Buying gifts for children at Christmas can be hard. They get toys from Santa and for the most part everything they have asked for has been quickly picked up by prepared family members. So what is that you buy for children? I'm sharing just a few ideas on what might make some good gifts this Christmas and many of them aren't toys!

Zoo Imagination Biscuits from Bahlsen

A perfect little gift at Christmas time for children is a delicious treat and usually when it comes to dietary needs we can think about just avoiding food gifts all together. We aren't always sure which products they can have and which they can't. This year you'll not need to worry about anyone on a gluten or diary free diet thanks to Bahlsen. Their Zoo Imagination biscuits are both gluten and lactose free. These shaped biscuits are fun, tasty and worry free. They would make the perfect snack at Christmas while watching a family movie or just to keep the cravings of smelling your Christmas dinner at bay. They would even be great for popping inside the Christmas Stocking.

You can purchase Bahlsen Zoo Gluten Free Biscuits for £1.79 from most major supermarkets and Amazon. Use the link to head over to Tesco.

Adventures in Petlandia Personalised Book 

Petlandia are a whole different kind of personalised book. You see these stories are all about your child's beloved pet and an amazing adventure they can go on. With three pet types to choose from (dog, cat or rabbit) before adding the breed by choosing the image similar to them and gender along with their pets name. It's these details which bring adventures in Petlandia to life. Your child (you can also add a second child) is also included in this exciting story with your pet. The story is available in soft back, hard back and as a premium gift box.

I wasn't really sure what to expect but I was so impressed with this book. It's a good long story which really sucks you in to the pets adventure. I loved that there was an Instapaw, YouChew and other social media channels that our children will all know of! It added a whole other element to Petlandia and it made it all feel more exciting too. This would be the perfect gift for a child with a pet this Christmas or if you know a child who is getting a new pet it would be a fantastic surprise. Plus you'd have to be in on the secret to know! Very impressive.

You can purchase your own Adventures in Petlandia or the other two books available from £19.99

Where Next, Teddy? Personalised Book

Creating a magical book for children this Christmas who don't have pets can still whole an entire world full of adventure. Chapterful's Where Next, Teddy? is the perfect book for children who love adventure, books and being included in the story. Teddy has some magic powers which can bring him to life and let him transport your child to do amazing things like swim in the depths of the ocean or visit space and catch a star! There is not even one dull moment on any of the pages inside Where Next, Teddy. What's more is that the personalising doesn't stop at hair colour and gender, oh no you are able to add in some extra special personalising which includes adding a wheelchair or adding glasses. You can even add both. The Where Next, Teddy? book is available in softback, hardback and deluxe (a special cushion back)

I was seriously excited about this little book from Chapterful. Dylan recently had his opticians appointment and he'll be wearing glasses for at least another year. He loves them but he can get a bit annoyed when he doesn't see people who wear glasses in stories, or even worse only the old people do! To have such an engaging story that includes him wearing his glasses and going on so many amazing adventures is really inspiring. Because needing to use glasses or even a wheelchair shouldn't stop children from being a great explorer, especially in their dreams. Another element of the Where Next, Teddy? book that I really like is that the words are big, clear and the sentences are well placed without too many on one page. This layout is perfect for us as Dylan is getting to grips with reading on his own and I know that he will love being able to read this one without us sometimes.

You can purchase a personalised Where Next, Teddy? from £16.95

Heelys x2 Duel Up Shoes

Even I remember Heelys from my childhood. The shoes that let you skate around without a change of shoes! These days Heelys are in a whole new league with wheels that are entirely removable you can easily think these are two different pairs of shoes. The brand new range which is already available from is the Heelys x2 Duel Up Shoes. These are a completely upgraded version of those long distant memories from my childhood, The x2 Duel Up Heelys contain two wheels in each shoe to give better stability and ease of use. Two wheels makes these perfect for children like Dylan who have never experienced shoes with wheels before. Beginning the world of Heelys is much easier to master on two wheels. I love that this version stays with the iconic skate style of shoe too. 

You can purchase all of the Heelys range  from £39.95 at (They currently have a lot of the range on sale at the minute.

I hope you all find the perfect gift this Christmas.

* Products featured in this post have been sent to us for the purpose of featuring. However all opinions are my own and I have had the final decision in all products being featured*


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