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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Adults in your life this Christmas

Each year I find I have to really think about what it is I should get for the adults in my life at Christmas. For the most part they tend to buy the things they want themselves which is good for most of the year. However it leaves us trying to find gifts that they will use and enjoy. Usually at this time of year we see a lot of for him or for her and I must say I decided I wanted to include ideas for everyone. Sometimes a perfect gift for him ends up being perfect for her too and why shouldn't they be together?

Here is some ideas on what can make some great gifts this Christmas.

NextBase Dash Cam

Everyone has a driver they know and will buy for this Christmas so why not add to their road safety this year. A dash cam can make a fantastic gift for drivers. It can provide everything from piece of mind through to security and evidence should anything ever occur on the road. The NextBase 112 Dash Cam is small, easy to use and lightweight which makes it perfect for any driver. Endorsed by AA means that this really is a tool you'll want on the road with you. With a 720p HD recording ability it will make for a useful bit of tech on the dashboard. With the option to take still images while recording and a feature that allows loop recording you won't run out of space to record on any journey. This NextBase Dash Cam comes with a magnetic mount that makes it perfect for grabbing quickly when your leaving the car too. This dash cam comes with an in-built battery that will still record for 30 minutes after any accident. This could be the piece of tech your loved one needs to add to their car this Christmas.

You can purchase the NextBase 112 Dash Cam for £49.99 from Argos (click the link), Halfords, Curry's, Very, John Lewis and Euro Car Parts.

Dad's Don't Baby Sit 

As you may know we are all avid readers in our house and there is certainly no shortage of books around here! In fact most of my family enjoy reading and I personally love the feel of a real book in my hands over reading on a tablet or phone. There are many books out there this year but one new one that will be perfect for any parent out there is, Dad's Don't Babysit: toward equal parenting by David Freed & James Millar. A book that released earlier this year that sets to tackle everything that is standing in the way of equal parenting between mothers and fathers. You'll find everything from the gender pay gap right through to the media's portrayal of parenting while offering up suggestions to make it easier to achieve. It's not too heavy, easy to read and it is entirely relate able for parents everywhere.

You can purchase Dad's Don't Babysit: Towards Equal Parenting by David Freed and James Millar for £11.99

Handcrafted Coconut bowl set

This year has saw so many of us change some of thing things in our lives to better watch out for the environment and why should our gifts be any different? We all know being more eco friendly is something we should bear in mind. This set of four handcrafted Thai Coconut bowls from Vie Gourmet will make a beautiful and unique gift for anyone. These bowls are handmade from reclaimed Thai coconut shells and are perfect for everything from your favourite breakfast bowl through to showing off some beautiful decorative items around your home. The individuality of these bowls is amazing, you'll not find two of the same so you'll have the most unique bowls. I love the smooth feel of these. They are so much smoother than you can imagine and each sits in it's own way which I think just adds to the experience of using it. These are easy to clean and they are built to last. You even get a matching set of four spoons to team with these bowls.

You can purchase your own set of four Handcrafted Thai Coconut Bowls for £19.95
I also have a 10% off code for our readers 89FJHSTC this expires 31st December 2018.

The Love Detective

I already included a book that is perfect for parents however sometimes you need a good book that helps you to escape into the story. The Love Detective by Angela Dyson is a book they'll be sure to get hooked on. A stuck in a rut waitress is just going through life when her friend asks her to do a little snooping and find our if her romantic partner is actually interested in her or the benefits of her job. With the help of her work pals along with a few blunders as she stumbles through this investigating role she finds herself in a world she wasn't prepared for. A whole world full of shady criminal work inside a whole criminal enterprise. A book full of twists and turns to create a wonderful romance with a dash oh thrill and crime added to the mixture. It's perfect for the cynical romantic in us all. 

You can purchase The Love Detective by Angela Dyson for RRP £9.99

LUSH Bubble Bar

At anytime of the year I am always a fan of LUSH and I know that a lot of my family are too. Come the winter months laying down in a hot bath full of bubbles surrounded by a lovely scent can feel amazing. It not only helps you feel warm, clean and relaxed but it also helps you to find some time alone. Which to a busy parent can be a real treat! One of my all time favourite products from LUSH is their Bubble Bars, they last for more than one bath and they fill the whole bath with wonderful bubbles as well as a beautiful scent. With a whole range there is bound to be something for everyone. I am really enjoying their new Yog Nog Yule Log, it's a limited edition bar and it just smells of Christmas! Any of the range would make for a lovely present this Christmas and with gift boxes available you can make this gift fit any budget.

You can purchase the Yog Nog Yule Log for £5.95

Lynx gift set 

Let's face it at some point this Christmas you'll buy a Lynx Gift set for someone. We all do it. In fact I don't think I've ever not bought one. Simon loves their range and I must say I do enjoy their female range too. The ever growing range of scents means that you'll probably find one suited for anyone you need a gift for this Christmas.

You can purchase any of the Lynx Gift Sets from most super markets and big health and beauty retailers from £3. (Link leads to Tesco)

Just some ideas on what might make fantastic gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.

*Some products featured in this guide have been sent to us for the guide. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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