Monday, 12 November 2018

What We're Reading - Hey! What's That Nasty Whiff?

We've been busy the last month with preparing for the time Christmas would come around. We'd planned to do up the bedrooms ready for Scarlet to join Dylan and for me to get my bed back. So far it hasn't happened. We did make a start but there is still so much to do. It did mean I hadn't changed the books in October and for the last two months Dylan has been enjoying just a few books from the selection. 

There has been a very clear favourite and it was actually a new book we'd picked up. Hey! What's That Nasty Whiff? by Julia Jarman is a sweet but very important story about pollution. 

Based in a Savannah you follow the story of Hyena who was a cleaner. She keeps all the Savannah clean and tidy. She recycles, has a compost heap and grows her own food for the animals. The problem is that nobody notices all the hard work she does and she feels quite down about it all. 

Hyena discovers that she's not the only one, a Vulture cleans up in the trees and has done for many years. Both feel unappreciated and decide they deserve a holiday which should teach the other animals about all their work. With nobody around to clean up all the waste and to look after the Savannah things get quite dirty and smelly. The other animals start to notice a very nasty pong. They must find a way to convince Hyena to come home! But it might not be so easy.

Accompanying the story are lovely bright pictures that bring the story to life. All the animals are friendly and have a unique but recognisable look that clearly shows their emotions as well as the animals own characteristics. Gary Parsons has done a fantastic job with his illustrations. 

The story is one which I can connect to on a very personal level both at home and when it comes to the way we view the whole world and the problem of pollution. I love how Julia Jarman has really brought the reality of how bad pollution is and how important it is that we all as a collective people worry as well as take steps to protect our world. She expresses all of it in a fun and entertaining way that children will love. Dylan is aware of the plant and the reasons we need to look after it, We recycle together and we use reusable cups, Scarlet wears cloth nappies and Dylan helps us to do some of this but he can always know more. 

Through reading Hey! What's That Nasty Whiff? Dylan has learnt about why it is important that we do look after the world and we do all we can to reuse or recycle. Finding out what happens if we don't clean, tidy and look after the world has shown him that things will change and they won't be for the better. 

 We try to involve Dylan in keeping our house tidy and we always have. It's important that he knows it takes some work and time to clean and tidy but it is something we must do. I am usually the one who cleans and tidies up after everyone and as much as I know it has to be done I do sometimes feel it goes unappreciated and expected for the most part. Reading Hey! What's That Nasty Whiff? has also shown Dylan that everyone needs to help at home too. 


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