Friday, 9 November 2018

Ready 2 Robots the Build-able battling Collectables {Review}

For years now Dylan has loved collecting toys, it started with toy cars and progressed on to include a large selection of little collectibles. We've had gross, cute, weird and so much more but a new collectible that has recently came out is Ready 2 Robots from MGA Entertainment. Collectible figures that you build up, swap out some parts and battle them off. A collectible toy made for playing and exchanging. 

With a large selection of packs to choose from there is something to suit everyone and for every budget. There are options for little gifts for Christmas or Birthday's right through to something for a bigger present that wouldn't break the bank. We received three different packs to try out from Ready 2 Robots including a Ready 2 Robots Bot Brawlers (RRP £9.99), Ready 2 Robots Bot Blasters Pack (£14.99) and Ready 2 Robots Tag-Team Battle Pack (RRP £19.99). Dylan was really excited when we brought out the Ready 2 Robots. He's seen the advertisement on TV and declared that these are on his Santa list. 

We started with the smaller Ready 2 Robots Bot Brawler pack we got and unwrapped the grey capsule that contained our Mechbot. With the capsule containing four compartments which slide off in order to reveal a selection of coloured blind bags. The Mechbots come in parts starting with a body, arms, legs and their battle tools on each Mechbots back. Each blind bag in the capsule contains a part for your robot. As you can see Dylan was just delighted to find all the blind bags! I must say I was really impressed with the mechanics of opening up the capsule. Often collectibles don't have a whole lot of fun in the opening process but with the Ready 2 Robots it felt more like a fun game. 

The last section of the capsule contains a hidden pot of slime which is hiding the pilot for your Mechbot. To get at your Pilot and the slime you need to push down on the top of the pot. By pushing down you will pop off the bottom cover so be sure not to do this while it's on a flat surface as Dylan tried to. Once your pot is popped off you can see a little pot with a lid and a peal away plastic film that needs removed. To get your pilot free from the slime you'll need to pull him out. Dylan really loved the slime. We took a little break while he had a play after freeing his pilot and building his robot. Once he'd finished we popped the slime back in the container and close the lid ready for more play later. 

Inside the second pack the Ready 2 Robots Blasters Pack we received an extra mini bot weapon accessory. There are four different Blasters packs in the Ready 2 Robots selection and each contains a different mini bot weapon accessory which you can see through the right hand window in the pack. We have pack number two which contains a little mini bot that launches a spinner into the air by pressing on his nose. This mini bot is already assembled however you can take off it's legs and swap them out with ones from other robots if you want to add to the fun. Inside this pack you'll also receive a capsule just like the Ready 2 Robots Bot Brawler pack however inside these Blasters packs you will get the matching Mechbot for the mini bot weapon accessory. I love that this means there won't be any need to buy this pack again and you will get a new Mechbot with each Blasters Pack. The capsule as you can see is a lighter grey and inside it contains a different coloured slime too. Dylan liked the surprise that the slime can be different colours too. 

The final pack was of course the biggest of the three, the Ready 2 Robots Tag Team Battle Pack. Inside this pack you can see a whole already built Mechbot alongside a weapon to build up for some even bigger battling. Just like the previous pack it also has it's own capsule to unpack and discover. 

This capsule was a black colour and inside it contained the matching Mechbot for this Tag-Team Pack. In the capsule was another coloured pot of slime that hid away the pilot. Again this was also a new colour. All together we got three different coloured slime capsules. Each also had it's own texture and consistency. Which I think does add to the play experience too. 

The Ready 2 Robots Tag-Team Battle Pack is part of the selection of four packs that each contain two Mechbots and an extra weapon. Each pack in this selection will contain two Mechbots that are a matching pair. Adding onto your collection with the safety that this will contain new Mechbots. I think this element is fantastic when it comes to giving Ready 2 Robots as gifts. You can safely point a friend or family member to the right set and know your getting new Mechbots.

Dylan now has a great starting point in his collection with just these three packs. He's really excited about adding to it too. You can see all the Mechbots above. 

Ready 2 Robots will be sure to be a huge hit this Christmas and I am sure are already on so many Christmas Lists. I know for one that they are staying firmly on Dylan's He's already announced that Santa will bring him more if he is really good. I really do think these are great and with 18 Mechbots to collect outside the Bot Blasters and Battle Packs there will be plenty to collect even after Christmas has come around. 

You can purchase Ready 2 Robots from most major toy stores such as Smyths who currently (at the date of publishing this) have Ready 2 Robots on sale. 

Disclaimer: We received the products featured. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I think my kids would love to play this with their cousins.


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