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Wally The Washer from Drumond Park {Review & Giveaway}

Who doesn't love a good game? I've always been partial to playing games right from my childhood to now. Dylan has always been the same. He'd happily play game after game on family game night. We've got many of the classics but he's much more interested in interactive fun games. We recently received Wally The Washer to play with Dylan. A fun game based around a washing machine called Wally who has washed a load of clothes but has somehow retained that one elusive dirty sock. 

For the first set up there is some assembly required. It's nothing major with Wally the Washer fully assembled you just need to add some fun stickers along with four AA batteries to bring him to life. Alongside Wally you need to add the stickers to the dirty sock and assemble the washing lines by adding the two legs they stand on. Take out the remaining clothing pieces and the all important giant clothes peg and voila the game is ready to go! 

To get started with the actual playing you need to choose one of the four colours for each player. After finding your coloured washing line and assembling you need to place all the clothing pieces along with the dirty sock into Wally The Washer and close the door. The on off switch at the bottom of Wally The Washer needs turned on and he will set off in a spinning frenzy! 

The youngest player goes first and pushes down on the soap box at the top of Wally which pops the door open. Dylan loved pressing the soap box, as did both his friends who played along with him! It seemed to become some kind of fantastic sport as to who could make it the most dramatic.

At this point one of three things will happen when Wally The Washer's door pops open.

1) Various clothing pieces will fall out and each player must collect all their own coloured pieces and hang them up along their washing line. This is the most wanted outcome since the person to fill their washing line and collect all five of their pieces of clothing will win the game. 

2) Various clothing pieces along with the dirty sock will fall out. If this happens all the piece have to be returned to Wally The Washer and for the next round the player who opened the door has to wear the giant clothes peg on their nose. Then play can begin again with the next player. I have to say this one garnered the most amount of disappointment with Dylan and his friends. Seeing all their pieces being bundled back inside the drum wasn't a happy sight. Although they thought the giant clothes peg was fantastic! 

3) Nothing comes out. I was surprised by how accepting everyone was when nothing appeared out of Wally and they simply moved on to the next player. 

Once each round is over and everyone has their pieces or has bundled all the clothing back into Wally The Washer the door is closed and again Wally is set off in a spin. 

Of course the winner is the person who fills up their washing line first but sometimes more than one person can reach the same point. It comes down to whoever is fast enough to put their final piece on first! Dylan loved the rush of the finish line when it was him and his friend up against each other fighting to get that last piece. 

For children who love playing games I cannot recommend Wally The Washer enough. Everyone has loved this game. It's such fun to play even as an adult it fun to play along with Dylan when his friends aren't around. When they are they can be left to their own devices for the most part and happily play over and over again.

I can see Wally The Washer featuring on many Christmas lists this year. I know he's already on one of Dylan's friends list to Santa. 

To find out more on Wally The Washer and to find stockists head over to Drumond Park

We've even got a Wally The Washer from Drumond Park to giveaway to one of our lucky readers! Keep reading for our terms and conditions before you enter through our Gleam widget below. 

Terms and conditions:

  • Entrants must be aged 18 years or over.
  • Competition is open to UK residents only.
  • Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions
  • The winners will be selected at random from all the correct entries received before the closing date and time.
  • All prizes must be accepted as offered. There can be no alternative awards, cash or otherwise.  
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  • The PR is responsible for prize fulfillment.

Good Luck! 

Wally The Washer from Drumond Park Giveaway

*We received the product featured. All thoughts and opinions are my own*


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