Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Fingerling Hugs {Review}

If you've not yet heard of Fingerlings then you must have been living under a rock somewhere in the Irish Sea! Fun little interactive monkeys that hang from your fingers and interact with you swept through the nation like a fever when they launched last year. They quickly became one of the hottest toys and even sold out in stores as we went crazy for their cuteness. Since then the range has grown significantly to include more animals including unicorns, dragons, raptors and more joining the Fingerlings family. This year has also seen the launch of the brand new Fingerlings Hugs.

Fingerlings Hugs Review on Us Two Plus You - Boris the monkey

Fingerling Hugs are a whole new world of interaction with large soft cuddly friends who love to get hugs and even give you massive never ending kisses should you want them! We had been sent Boris who is the lovable blue monkey in the Fingerlings Hugs range. The range also includes Bella the pink monkey and Sloth who is a sloth!

Fingerlings Hugs Review on Us Two Plus You - Scarlet with Boris the Monkey

 I couldn't keep Boris cooped up in his box for long and Scarlet was smitten from the moment she saw him! As soon as Dylan arrived home from school he was so excited to see such a lovely monkey to cuddle and play with. They both started to discover that he was no ordinary monkey very quickly.

Fingerlings Hugs Review on Us Two Plus You - Dylan giving Boris kisses.

With over 40 wonderful interactions there is the possibility of endless fun with Fingerlings Hugs. Both Dylan and Scarlet quickly fell in love with Boris's kisses. You can get a quick peck by tapping his nose against you. By holding him close for a period of time he'll give you a massive smooch with long lasting sound effects. Scarlet loves this! She just walks around getting never ending kisses over and over again. 

Fingerlings Hugs Review on Us Two Plus You - Burping Boris the Monkey

The fun doesn't stop there either, Fingerlings Hugs of course give you the best hugs! With little Velcro squares on their front paws and super long arms they are the perfect cuddle friend. Fingerling Hugs react to so many movements and even burp when you pat them on the back! Dylan loved this feature just as much as shaking Boris to make him fart. Every boys favourite sounds. There are countless fun ways to move the Fingerlings Hugs around and make them interact. Everything from swinging them round for excited squeals to rocking them to sleep after inducing a fit of giggles from tickling them.

Fingerlings Hugs review on Us Two Plus You - Dylan loves speaking into Boris's ear so he can repeat it.

Dylan's favourite feature by far has to be holding onto the ear of Boris the Fingerling Hugs Monkey. By holding in the button on his ear you can speak into his ear and he will repeat what you say in a fun, exciting higher pitched voice. Dylan loves it! He's usually found telling Boris to say funny things like bad kid jokes he's made up or he makes him go around and tell us all how much he loves us which is beyond adorable!

Fingerling hugs are a whole new generation of cuddly friends who bring so much more fun and love to stuffed animals who've been loved through the ages. The Fingerling Hugs add so much more to the experience of cuddling a favourite stuffed animal. I can see them being one of the best Christmas presents for little cuddle lovers everywhere. Boris fast became the most loved animal in our home and I bet he or his friends would be loved by children all over too.

The Fingerling Hugs range is available for £29.99 in Argos, Smyths and is also available online at Amazon

Disclaimer: We received the featured product for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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