Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Goulish Treats for all ages with Tommee Tippee

We've been weaning for almost a year now but this is Scarlet's first Halloween where she can enjoy all the delicious treats the event brings. Last year we hadn't even been thinking about food but have you ever thought about what snacks you could add to your party for babies and toddlers?

You've come to the right place. We've teamed up with Tommee Tippee to give you some fantastically frightful snacks that are perfect for babies and toddlers right from the start of weaning through to finger foods everyone can enjoy.  

We'll start with some Ghastly Greens, packed full of goodness there isn't much that's ghastly about them! Plus they are really easy to make with the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender. Add all the ghastly green vegetables into the steamer and steam for 15 minutes. Remove any left over water and blend to a smooth texture without lumps and voila! You've got yourself some Ghastly Greens ready for all those little ones. Perfect for any babies over 6 months and into stage two of weaning. I think this would also make for a great little dip for toddlers and older children too. We can all use a little extra greens! 

Another recipe perfect for the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender is Monstrous Beef and Sweet Potato mash. Seriously how good does that sound? Another super simple recipe to make. Chop and dice up all the ingredients and mix together in a bowl. Add to the Steamer Blender and steam for two 30 minute cycles. Once finished you can blend up to either a smooth consistency (2 minutes) or for a some texture make a mashed up version (30 seconds). I'm sure this one is bound to be a hit. If your making this recipe and have children of all ages coming you'd be able to make some for the older children too. 

Now for some finger foods. Perfect for toddler and children alike. You could whip up some super simple Boo-nana Pops. Cut a banana in half length ways and again across the middle. Slide each onto a lolly stick (I used a wooden skewer which was cut to length and had no sharp ends), add on some raisins for eyes and your Boo-Nana Pops are ready to get haunting! These where a big hit with us. Dylan and Scarlet are mad for bananas and these where the first to go at our tea party. 

The final recipe I'm sharing is Silly Apple Bites. Little monster faces turn apple quarters into fun and silly creatures everyone will love eating. The great thing is the sunflower butter is diary free too. Take two apples, cut into quarters and remove the cores. Cut through the middle of each quarter to make a small mouth hole where you will add some sunflower butter add in four sunflower seeds to make some teeth before you slide in a slice of strawberry for a tongue. Add on the raisins or try some chocolate buttons instead for eyes and your all set. 

Ghoulish treats perfect for any Halloween party! What's not to love. 
Happy Halloween! 

(This is a collaborative post)

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Wally The Washer from Drumond Park {Review & Giveaway}

Who doesn't love a good game? I've always been partial to playing games right from my childhood to now. Dylan has always been the same. He'd happily play game after game on family game night. We've got many of the classics but he's much more interested in interactive fun games. We recently received Wally The Washer to play with Dylan. A fun game based around a washing machine called Wally who has washed a load of clothes but has somehow retained that one elusive dirty sock. 

For the first set up there is some assembly required. It's nothing major with Wally the Washer fully assembled you just need to add some fun stickers along with four AA batteries to bring him to life. Alongside Wally you need to add the stickers to the dirty sock and assemble the washing lines by adding the two legs they stand on. Take out the remaining clothing pieces and the all important giant clothes peg and voila the game is ready to go! 

To get started with the actual playing you need to choose one of the four colours for each player. After finding your coloured washing line and assembling you need to place all the clothing pieces along with the dirty sock into Wally The Washer and close the door. The on off switch at the bottom of Wally The Washer needs turned on and he will set off in a spinning frenzy! 

The youngest player goes first and pushes down on the soap box at the top of Wally which pops the door open. Dylan loved pressing the soap box, as did both his friends who played along with him! It seemed to become some kind of fantastic sport as to who could make it the most dramatic.

At this point one of three things will happen when Wally The Washer's door pops open.

1) Various clothing pieces will fall out and each player must collect all their own coloured pieces and hang them up along their washing line. This is the most wanted outcome since the person to fill their washing line and collect all five of their pieces of clothing will win the game. 

2) Various clothing pieces along with the dirty sock will fall out. If this happens all the piece have to be returned to Wally The Washer and for the next round the player who opened the door has to wear the giant clothes peg on their nose. Then play can begin again with the next player. I have to say this one garnered the most amount of disappointment with Dylan and his friends. Seeing all their pieces being bundled back inside the drum wasn't a happy sight. Although they thought the giant clothes peg was fantastic! 

3) Nothing comes out. I was surprised by how accepting everyone was when nothing appeared out of Wally and they simply moved on to the next player. 

Once each round is over and everyone has their pieces or has bundled all the clothing back into Wally The Washer the door is closed and again Wally is set off in a spin. 

Of course the winner is the person who fills up their washing line first but sometimes more than one person can reach the same point. It comes down to whoever is fast enough to put their final piece on first! Dylan loved the rush of the finish line when it was him and his friend up against each other fighting to get that last piece. 

For children who love playing games I cannot recommend Wally The Washer enough. Everyone has loved this game. It's such fun to play even as an adult it fun to play along with Dylan when his friends aren't around. When they are they can be left to their own devices for the most part and happily play over and over again.

I can see Wally The Washer featuring on many Christmas lists this year. I know he's already on one of Dylan's friends list to Santa. 

To find out more on Wally The Washer and to find stockists head over to Drumond Park

We've even got a Wally The Washer from Drumond Park to giveaway to one of our lucky readers! Keep reading for our terms and conditions before you enter through our Gleam widget below. 

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Good Luck! 

Wally The Washer from Drumond Park Giveaway

*We received the product featured. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

FourFit Health Band {Review}

Since becoming a parent I've always put my needs last, even when it comes to my own health. I was much more aware during and after my pregnancy with Scarlet about the need to be more healthy. With that in mind I was excited when FourFit got in touch with me.

FourFit Health Band Review on Us Two Plus You - The band and it's box

FourFit Health Band Review on Us Two Plus You - The band itself

FourFit have a range of fitness trackers along with their own Health Band which I''ve been using. They want to bring the latest technology in their health and fitness tracking to help us to be healthier. FourFit are bringing the technology to the world at the best price without us having to compromise on quality. 

FourFit Health Band Review on Us Two Plus You - the band on charge

FourFit Health Band Review on Us Two Plus You - back of the band with sensors and charging ports

I've been giving the FourFit Health Band a good test over the last couple of weeks. When it first arrived the very first step was to give the Health Band a charge. It comes with the USB charger that has three small prongs that slot into the back of the Health Band while the band is kept in place with a soft back clip. It didn't take long to charge up at all.
I've found that the charge holds pretty well. I can get 3-4 days of use out of each full charge! Just what I need from a health band since I would probably forget to put it back on if it needed charged every day.

FourFit Health Band Review on Us Two Plus You - clock face screen

FourFit Health Band Review on Us Two Plus You - Checking my steps for the day while out is easy

The FourFit Health Band is more than just a fitness watch. It does have the much needed clock face when first touched but it also tracks your steps using an algorithm which will look for your movement patterns. I found this tracking was actually much better suited for me since most of the time that I am walking I will have a pushchair. It means that my activity is still tracked despite my arms not moving in a typical way. As with the other FourFit devices you can also track your heart rate but the Health Band also tracks so much more. Your able to keep track of your blood pressure and oxygen levels too. 

FourFit Health Band Review on Us Two Plus You - Graph of steps over a dayFourFit Health Band Review on Us Two Plus You - Graph of steps over a week

The Health Band from FourFit will keep track of your daily steps and your sleep while all the other measurements are stored in the memory. You are able to see all the measurements through the app which works with both Android and IOS systems so it's perfect for most users. The app keeps track with your own account which can connect to the Health Band through Bluetooth. On the app your able to see usage for hours, days and weeks for each metric the Health Band from FourFit records. You can see just how easy to read they are in the screenshots above. 

You do need to use the app to activate a workout or cardio such as running but since it's not a feature that everyone will use. I have yet to use this feature but then I also don't run. There is also a feature where you can take a selfie through the app by shaking your arm. I did use this with the children however I can see ow it would be great for those who do run or workout and would have the app open. The Health Band from FourFit doesn't have a camera but the shaking movement can activate the front facing camera on your phone. 

FourFit Health Band Review on Us Two Plus You - Graph of sleep rate over a dayFourFit Health Band Review on Us Two Plus You - Graph of sleep rate over a week

The final feature I want to talk about has been the most valuable for me. All the FourFit devices track sleep. I know I don't get much sleep on a nightly basis with Scarlet still waking several times through the night and Dylan can join us on occasion too. I was surprised by just how little sleep I was actually getting. Over the last several weeks I have had on average 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Now there was a good few nights when I managed a full 7 hours and Scarlet slept through! The Health Band is able to track both light and deep sleep. I think this has been my favourite feature as it's made me more conscious of trying to get a better sleep over getting more sleep.

I've found the FourFit Health Band to be a fantastic tool to help me be more aware and start to adjust my activity and lifestyle. I would definitely recommend the Health Band to other parents who don't really get time for a lot of fitness but want help to track and make better choices for a healthier lifestyle. I think the FourFit Health Band will make a great Christmas gift too. 

You can purchase a FourFit Health Band for just £49

Disclaimer: The products featured in this post had been sent to me. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Fingerling Hugs {Review}

If you've not yet heard of Fingerlings then you must have been living under a rock somewhere in the Irish Sea! Fun little interactive monkeys that hang from your fingers and interact with you swept through the nation like a fever when they launched last year. They quickly became one of the hottest toys and even sold out in stores as we went crazy for their cuteness. Since then the range has grown significantly to include more animals including unicorns, dragons, raptors and more joining the Fingerlings family. This year has also seen the launch of the brand new Fingerlings Hugs.

Fingerlings Hugs Review on Us Two Plus You - Boris the monkey

Fingerling Hugs are a whole new world of interaction with large soft cuddly friends who love to get hugs and even give you massive never ending kisses should you want them! We had been sent Boris who is the lovable blue monkey in the Fingerlings Hugs range. The range also includes Bella the pink monkey and Sloth who is a sloth!

Fingerlings Hugs Review on Us Two Plus You - Scarlet with Boris the Monkey

 I couldn't keep Boris cooped up in his box for long and Scarlet was smitten from the moment she saw him! As soon as Dylan arrived home from school he was so excited to see such a lovely monkey to cuddle and play with. They both started to discover that he was no ordinary monkey very quickly.

Fingerlings Hugs Review on Us Two Plus You - Dylan giving Boris kisses.

With over 40 wonderful interactions there is the possibility of endless fun with Fingerlings Hugs. Both Dylan and Scarlet quickly fell in love with Boris's kisses. You can get a quick peck by tapping his nose against you. By holding him close for a period of time he'll give you a massive smooch with long lasting sound effects. Scarlet loves this! She just walks around getting never ending kisses over and over again. 

Fingerlings Hugs Review on Us Two Plus You - Burping Boris the Monkey

The fun doesn't stop there either, Fingerlings Hugs of course give you the best hugs! With little Velcro squares on their front paws and super long arms they are the perfect cuddle friend. Fingerling Hugs react to so many movements and even burp when you pat them on the back! Dylan loved this feature just as much as shaking Boris to make him fart. Every boys favourite sounds. There are countless fun ways to move the Fingerlings Hugs around and make them interact. Everything from swinging them round for excited squeals to rocking them to sleep after inducing a fit of giggles from tickling them.

Fingerlings Hugs review on Us Two Plus You - Dylan loves speaking into Boris's ear so he can repeat it.

Dylan's favourite feature by far has to be holding onto the ear of Boris the Fingerling Hugs Monkey. By holding in the button on his ear you can speak into his ear and he will repeat what you say in a fun, exciting higher pitched voice. Dylan loves it! He's usually found telling Boris to say funny things like bad kid jokes he's made up or he makes him go around and tell us all how much he loves us which is beyond adorable!

Fingerling hugs are a whole new generation of cuddly friends who bring so much more fun and love to stuffed animals who've been loved through the ages. The Fingerling Hugs add so much more to the experience of cuddling a favourite stuffed animal. I can see them being one of the best Christmas presents for little cuddle lovers everywhere. Boris fast became the most loved animal in our home and I bet he or his friends would be loved by children all over too.

The Fingerling Hugs range is available for £29.99 in Argos, Smyths and is also available online at Amazon

Disclaimer: We received the featured product for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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