Sunday, 16 September 2018

Project 365 Week 37 {9th - 15th September}

Sunday 9th September {Day 252}

Monday 10th September {Day 253}

Tuesday 11th September {Day 254}

Wednesday 12th September {Day 255}

Thursday 13th September {Day 256}

Friday 14th September {Day 257}

Saturday 15th September {Day 258}

It's been a quiet week. We're finding our own little routine again. Not quite what we had before but it's working for us now. I'm still steadily sorting through the house and for the most part this week has involved a lot of de-cluttering. I'm really surprised by how much we just have for no real reason. 

We did take a walk after school on Tuesday and enjoyed some coffee and scones as a little treat. It was nice to take a minute, all four of us to just chat. It's not always easy at home to just sit and talk together, Dylan is always wanting to go play or Scarlet wants to climb on me. Either way it ends up impossible! I am going to make an effort to try more to sit down and talk. I think I might start having a hot chocolate with all the extras once every week after school with both children. It would be lovely when it's freezing outside. 

On Friday both Dylan and Scarlet had fun playing with our first attempt at rainbow rice which went down a storm! Both children loved it and I know it's something we will be doing again. 

The week ended with Scarlet falling out of her pram and bumping her head on our wooden market stall. Thankfully she was okay and just had a nasty bump on her head. The worst part was getting her to keep some ice on her head! 

I'm hoping next week will have a lot more house sorting and we are going to make a start on Dylan's room. We are moving both children in together. I say that but I know it will be a long process to redecorate the room and eventually move Scarlet in slowly to her own bed. Autumn should be a very exciting time for us all. 

How was your week?


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