Monday, 3 September 2018

Going back to school for the first time

Last week saw the end of summer for us. Dylan has gone back to school full time from today. It's been a long summer with us having a 9 week holiday in Northern Ireland and Dylan was so ready for going back. 

It's been different this year, He knows what to expect from school. He's adjusted to going to school, getting himself to his classroom alone, having a morning chat with his friends and he loves the morning routine. He's known all summer that school will start again, that he'll see his friends and the excitement has grown. It started around mid summer. The questions of if it was time for school yet or when we would go school shopping. 


We watched over the summer as his impatience grew in anticipation of school starting. I never thought I could see him more excited about school, at least that was before the first day. He was so excited he couldn't sit still. After waking up super early ready to get dressed and go he was disappointed that it doesn't quite work that way! It was almost impossible to contain the excitement. 

Every year we make the point of all getting dressed and organised to take the walk to school together on the first day. It's important to us that every year on the first day we all go and say goodbye as he passes over the door for another year. This year was no different and as we walked Dylan talked about all the things he was excited for seeing his friends, going to his new classroom and to do some work. Yes do school work! He loves school and I'm so glad that he does. It was something I adored growing up. A never ending thirst for knowledge. 

Dylan has gone back to school for the first time this year and it marks the end of his school firsts for a good while to come. He's been in school clubs, performed in a school play, had his first day of nursery and school, been on trips and now he's had his first back to school after summer. In a way I feel like we are at the end of an era as such. 


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