Thursday, 16 August 2018

What We're Reading - Hello Little Egg an Oona and Baba Adventure

With literally a house full of books ( I could open a library and still have extra!) I always find it hard to pinpoint just one or two that are well loved. Each and every book Dylan owns has been read at least once. New books never last longer than hour before they've been read snuggled together on the sofa. There is just something that entices us into the world of make believe and wonder hidden inside the pages. Every month or so we alternate the book cases both up and down stairs to shake things up and read something different for a while. I've made a habit of sharing our favourite books on the blog before and I am determined to start sharing them again. Usually I would go with which book was read most but now that Dylan is older he picks the book he liked most this month when we are changing over the books. 
Hello Little Egg Book Review - What we're reading - Hello Little Egg - Puffin Rock

This months favourite was Hello Little Egg which is an Oona and Baba story about the two little puffins who star in their own show Puffin Rock on Nick Jr. We love this show not least because the voice actors in Puffin Rock are from right here in Northern Ireland! 

In Hello Little Egg Oona and Baba go on an adventure where they find a little lost egg. They try to work out who owns the egg so they can return it to it's home safely. They must be very careful not to break the egg or put it's little chick in danger. Will Oona and Baba find the chicks home?

I love when Dylan enjoys books that have so much information inside while still being a story. Inside Hello Little Egg there is an abundance of information and facts mixed in to the story itself. It makes for perfect reading for all children. The most apparent of the facts is that not all eggs are the same. Dylan hasn't been exposed to a very large variety of eggs so he was really interested in all the colours, shapes, sizes and patterns that are featured inside Hello Little Egg. Not only are the eggs all widely talked about and described but each is matched up with the type of bird which lays them. You also learn about how protective animals are over their eggs and babies.

Oona, Baba and their animal friends on Puffin Rock all make the adventure fun and daring. They must work hard to keep the egg safe and not crack it. No easy task on an island filled with hills, rocks and cliffs. Throughout the journey you learn about the food chain on Puffin Rock and which animals eat certain types of food. Another added danger to the adventure. 

Hello Little Egg is a great book for children who enjoy adventures, nature and animals. It's filled with all three and perfect for little children to follow along to with bright, colourful pictures that span the whole page and bring Oona, Baba and Puffin Rock straight from the TV into the pages. The book also features big, bold words which are perfect for children of Dylan's age who are learning to read.

You can purchase your own copy of Hello Little Egg for £6.99 from Amazon.


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