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The Forgotten Forest A whole new kind of personalised book From Oh Zoe {Review}

We are total book worms in our house, it's no secret. I've shared our favourite books for a long time and my house now closely resembles a library. When Dylan got his glasses however he started to notice that not many people in books wear them, well unless they are old. Which is why I was so excited when Oh Zoe got in touch with us about the making of their new personalised book The Forgotten Forest. 

OhZoe are the new kids on the block when it comes to personalised books but they want to do it differently. Having just launched their kickstarter campaign this week they want to bring personalised books to the next level. OhZoe believe that every child should be able to see themselves inside the pages of an exciting story, they are right of course. However this isn't always possible for children who are 'different' in any way. I'm talking about children with disabilities or who come from a different ethnicity, for those children the options are limited or there simply isn't one.This is what OhZoe want to change with the first book in what I hope will be an extensive range, The Forgotten Forest. 

We have been incredibly lucky to be of a select few who have been sent an advanced copy of The Forgotten Forest By Victoria Richards for Dylan to enjoy. We followed along with the short but very accurate questionnaire on the OhZoe website to create a completely unique book. There had been options to change the hair colour, eyes, skin tone, hair style and their favourite colour. Each option has a variety to choose from with many giving you detailed tone options as well. Through the creation process there was also questions to fill in your child's name, city you live in, where you live and their birthday. All of which will be included in The Forgotten Forest. There is even an option to add glasses, a hearing aid, Ear defenders or a wheel chair to the story! OhZoe have really covered many physical representations that can make children different. You can see Dylan's above with his glasses on and the book includes his whole name. I have removed his last name from the picture so there won't be any blank spaces inside the books.

When the book first arrived I already knew there had been plans to change a few things about the pages and the cover material of the book itself but I was really impressed with the quality. The book has a clear, bright and bold cover that I think really draws readers in. We couldn't wait to get reading!

Dylan was really impressed that he was inside The Forgotten, with his glasses on! He got excited straight away and immediately wanted to know more about the story. As we followed along Dylan held onto the book and every time he heard something that was about him he almost jumped out of his seat. The detail that OhZoe have managed to incorporate into The Forgotten Forest is amazing. 

The story follows the adventure of your child as they set out on a mission to save the long forgotten forest and it's old oak trees. They have all been under a spell that cast it into an eternal winter and only one person can save them. To save the forest they must follow along to the clues of the Frost Spirit. 

The Forgotten Forest was an instant hit with Dylan as we read through the pages and talked about everything we could see along with reading the story he was delighted. We've now read the book several times. In fact as I sit here typing this Dylan is sat beside me reading the book and looking at the pictures!

The illustrations in the Forgotten Forest are very whimsical. I like this. They contain unique views and creatures that children will want to explore a little. Dylan really likes finding creatures and details in the pages while we read along. His favourite illustration is of the river. He loved all the swirls and waves in the varying shade of blue. It did take him a while to realise there was an eye! He was really impressed. The team at Sas & Yosh have done an amazing job on The Forgotten Forest.

At the end of the book, after your child has found all the clue in The Forgotten Forest their best friend is mentioned along with their favourite colour. We included Scarlet in the book and her favourite colour is pink, well our favourite colour for her in pink. The page where Scarlet comes in and her favourite colour is used is the page where Dylan finds the key to spring! He was so surprised to hear that even Scarlet was included. He had already said that "Scarlet was his number one seconds before I read it out from the book. They can be so adorable. 

Overall I am really excited to see what OhZoe can do. Right now their Kickstarter campaign is underway and they can use all the help they can get to bring this beautiful book to many more children. It's been such a hit with us and I think it's a long overdue update to the world of book personalisation for children.
The Forgotten forest by Victoria Richards from OhZoe is not yet available to buy but you can support them by donating to the OhZoe Kickstarter Campaign and helping them to launch The Forgotten Forest. By doing so you have the option to pledge £19 which will give you instant access to the book online along with the free personalised activity pack which will be followed by your very own personalised and signed copy when the campaign ends.

Discaimer: We recieved the product featured. All thoughts and opinions expressed above are my own. 


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