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Scarlet at 11 & 12 Months


Scarlet is officially a toddler! I'm sure how I feel about the fact she's no longer a baby. This last year has flown by and I can't remember a time when she just wasn't here or on her way. So much has changed this year but she really completes our little family and I know she still has so much to show us about herself. Our monthly updates are a little behind so I am doing both 11 and 12 months together. I will be getting up our 13 and 14 months update in the next couple of weeks. You will notice that I am adding another little section on Scarlet's relationships to our monthly update now, she's growing long lasting relationships with family and friends that I feel is important to include and update as she grows. 


Scarlet is a funny, bubbly little girl who loves to talk and dance. She's girly in the sense that she loves accessories like her hair bows and sunglasses. Scarlet loves to practice putting her bows and sunglasses on and off herself.
She is so funny and loves it when anyone laughs with or at her. She has got a little cheeky streak in her and thinks she is pretty funny when she does something she shouldn't. It's cute though! That being said she can be quite bossy and loves to throw a tantrum when she doesn't get what she wants!
She will watch you before she tries to do anything. The second you look away she'll run off for that one toy she can't have or to do something she shouldn't. If you catch her out and ask her what she is doing she just giggles at you and carries on!
She's a real nature lover too which I just love. The minute she knows it's time to go out the door she gets really excited and squirms around in her pram.Once we do get out she really enjoys getting to explore the flowers and trees.


We've never quite found a great sleeping routine for Baby S. However at 11 months we felt that we had been getting there. By some miracle at 11 months Scarlet started to do a complete u-turn when it comes to night time. She has almost slept through most nights! On a few occasions she has slept right through. It wasn't destined to last by 12 months we had gone back to her sporadic sleeping and waking up through the night for periods. She does still sleep in bed with me but I do think she sleeps better in my bed than she ever did in the crib which wasn't used often.

Scarlet sleeps for one or two long naps in a day. One in the morning and one in the evening, Her morning nap lasts around two hours while the afternoon nap lasts around 45 minutes. Which has stayed pretty consistant

Physical Ability

Scarlet's getting really good at walking already! It's a little bittersweet to see her already taking 5-6 steps at 12 months old when Dylan wasn't even attempting to walk yet! She's got amazing balance too which helps her to stand for over five minutes. I have noticed that Scarlet is very aware of her balance especially when she is taking steps. If she feels off balance she stops, adjusts her balance and starts to set off again. She does still lean over and touch the ground or sit down after a few steps but I don't remember Dylan doing this.
This last month Scarlet has been very interested in trying to walk to items and places without help or prompting. She really enjoys walking outside and regularly just holds my hand and walks around the park! We got her some little soft shoes for when is outside to help protect her little feet more on the gravel since we do mostly walk in places with hard ground. She's not a fan, in fact she already know how to take them off. 


Over the last two months Scarlet has hit a couple of milestones. The biggest of course was turning one year old!


She had her first meal in a restaurant which didn't go great but she had some food and she screamed for around 30 minutes! The addition of a busy place at dinner time and the stress I was feeling probably didn't help but we still enjoyed our meal together. She loved some of the food.

We also took Scarlet to her first soft play centre for a play with all the bigger equipment for the first time. She was in her element! She loved climbing, walking around holding my hand, going inside the play cars, pushing cars and pull along toys around and she really loved going down the slide with Simon. We will be going back soon.

After her soft shoes ended up defying their purpose we decided we really needed to get Scarlet her first proper pair of shoes for going outside. She walks a lot when she holds my hand and she really enjoys it. When we headed out to buy a pair we discovered that there was only two options in the entire city centre! I was actually pretty disappointed to find out that a size 3 in baby shoes that are not pre-walkers is really hard. We ended up going to several shops before returning to the first which mum has informed me was the shop where I got my first pair of shoes! It hasn't changed much either. Isn't that cute? We choose a bright pink pair with little white line on. These are really cute but they did happen to be the only pair in her size in the whole city.

The Final Milestone over 11 and 12 months for Scarlet was going on a bouncy castle for the first time. Admittedly she did only bounce on the very front part that most children use to get on and off but she had so much fun!


Overall Scarlet has been in good health since she was born. Which is why I freaked out and we spent a day in accident and emergency with her when I found a few small bright red spots on her foot. After we did 'the glass test' the spots didn't disappear and I was at panic stations! We took the walk to the children's A&E where she had a serious of tests over the course of the day. She was fine and it does happen which they are actually researching here at Queen's University. It was stressful on her and on us which is of course expected. We've not had any other issues since.

We've had a few bugs and the last two months including a bit of a cold or flu which I do think helped in the sleep department through 11 months. She did get some thrush which we had to treat with steroid cream from the doctor which was a bit of a challenge given her cloth nappies. We got there with some extra liners to protect both Scarlet and the nappy.

Scarlet has three teeth! It's been a long time since her her first two teeth now but the third has come through which has thankfully pushed the middle two front teeth closer together. 


Scarlet at 11 and 12 months old - Us Two Plus You - eating from a pouch

Scarlet still loves food, she's taken more interest with finger foods which are easier to eat. She mostly insists on feeding herself now which means the finger foods are easier for her hold and get to her mouth.  Her favourite foods include yogurt pouches and bowls of cup up fruit. She really enjoys hummus with crackers and carrots too.

We are still breastfeeding now that Scarlet is one. I plan to feed her to the point she naturally stops. I had never thought we'd get this far in our feeding journey but since we've previously had problems with bottles and even cups. I do think we will be staying away from bottles now. I don't want to add something which we would then be taking away again. 


Scarlet at 11 and 12 months old - Us Two Plus You - Amongst the flowers with her interest in Nature

Two months is a long time when it comes to children's development. Scarlet has learnt a lot in the last two months. She's increasingly taken an interest in the world around her, she's always wanting to head off and explore something new. She has really enjoyed all the flowers blooming and feeling, smelling and even trying to taste the new flowers. She has started walking on or trying to climb on trees and fallen trunks with some help. 

She  still loves visiting the park and playing on all the equipment. Her new favourite is the slide which she can now go down on her own! we put her on the top and we have to let go so she can slide down to daddy. It's terrifying, I hate it but she adores sliding down on her own and could have us doing it all day. 

Scarlet has also developed an interest in musical instruments of all kinds. We've really enjoyed getting out the ones we have to play with while I have been looking out for new ones to try with her. The musical instruments have been one of the many toys and activities which has peaked her interest through cause and effect. She's started to notice that doing one thing can make something else happen. She really enjoys that when she shakes a maraca it makes a sound. She has also been enjoying activities that have a cause and an effect. 

Her pincer grip has really come along through the last two months, she uses it for eating, picking up smaller items or sticks. She has also learnt to turn the pages in hard books for babies. Not so much the paper pages of Dylan's books but she does try. Her favourite books are ones which rhyme or have songs inside. She tries to copy and sing along when we read them. We've started listening to nursery rhymes and songs through the day. She's started to copy when we are doing animals sounds which started when we sang animal songs. 


Scarlet at 11 and 12 months old - Us Two Plus You - unbreakable relationship with Dylan

Scarlet has developed stronger and more complex relationships as she has grown both with us, our extended family and with friends from our play group. She's confident and her relationships are always changing. Her main relationships with us have been developing over the last year with Dylan being her best friend. They have a fantastic relationship which has grown and changed in many ways. Scarlet finds Dylan hilarious! She loves to laugh when is being funny and they can both suddenly find each other hilarious and laugh at nothing but each other. I can see that Scarlet looks up to Dylan and she tries to copy all the things he does, everything from walking to copying the way he moves his toys around when playing. She loves to watch him play cars.


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