Monday, 13 August 2018

Project 365 Week 31 & 32 {29th July- 11th August}

Sunday 29th July {Day 210}

Monday 30th July {Day 211}

Tuesday 31st July {Day 212}

Wednesday 1st August {Day 213}

Thursday 2nd August {Day 214}

Friday 3rd August {Day 215}

Saturday 4th August {Day 216}

Sunday 5th August {Day 217}

Monday 6th August {Day 218}

Tuesday 7th August {Day 219}

Wednesday 8th August {Day 220}

Thursday 9th August {Day 221}

Friday 10th August {Day 222}

Saturday 11th August {Day 223}

Ahh summer you've been teasing us these two weeks. We started with the glorious sun and it has some how simmered away into what seems to be an endless rain fall. The last days of July held such a great deal for us with preparation and the actual event of Scarlet's Cake Smash which was over a month later than planned but it was wonderful! She loved it, Dylan joined in, the house got covered in cake and I have so many photos! I will be sharing my favourite in due course.You ever thought about how much editing goes into 700+ photos? It's a lot. I'm thinking about sharing all our do's and don't along with how we did our shoot at home and had some great results. Let me know if you'd like to hear more about it all. 

August brought with it fun, we reached half way through summer! Can you believe it? We spent the weekend having fun celebrating the Felie An Phobil celebrations here in Belfast with lots of fun filled afternoons in the summer sun. We had a teddy bears picnic and Dylan had fun on the bouncy castles. 

The rain has returned in August and some days we've just stayed at home. We did venture out a few times but we got completely soaked one evening when we headed off to feed the ducks. The end of the week was mostly focused on starting to clear out the house which will probably be an ongoing project between now and Halloween. There is so much needs done and I am determined that we will get there. I just need to find that right balance for the rest of summer. 

How has your August been so far? 


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