Friday, 24 August 2018

My Quilt 4 Kindness Journey With Crafter's Companion for Project Linus {Part Three}

Another whole month has past! Which can only mean that it is time for the third part in my Quilt4Kindness journey. If you haven't been following along and are only finding us now you can check out part one and part two

As many of you will know by now the Quilt4Kindness is a quilt along for quilters of all categories from beginner to experts. Crafter's Companion are sharing every step for the Quilt4Kindness project inside Sew Inspired Magazine. Anyone can join in by following along. There are four issues this year which will hold all the steps. There are three issues currently available with the third just been released this month. The Quilt4Kindness Project encourages us to join in and donate the finished quilt to Project Linus. A charity who deliver handmade quilts and blankets to babies and children who need them. They touch the hearts of families to those babies in Intensive Care Units right up to teenager in the care of Social Services. 

This month I have been focused on finishing up the remainder of the tasks that had been outlined in issue 12 of Sew Inspired. I had finished the Jacob's Ladder square last month which left the Ohio Star Block for this month. I didn't manage to find the fabric I was looking for so I have decided that instead of following with the greenish colour I will stick with the grey fabric I have used in the middle of this Ohio Star. This one is another which looks complicated but actually turned out to be really simple. I have to say that when I started this Quilt 4 Kindness project I was expecting every piece to be complicated, take a lot of sewing and be hard to understand but I have been pleasantly surprised. 

The Ohio Star Block is made up with one centre block of my grey fabric which is surrounded by four blocks that each contain two white triangles, one light pink patterned triangle and one bright pink triangle. Making these surrounding four blocks was the most complicated part of the Ohio Star. I loved that it was so easy to do. Sewing the four 5 1/2 inch squares to the guide makes the process much easier.

 I used my Quilting starter kit to cut each line precisely with the rotary cutter on the cutting mat. 

The final step is to place all the sections together and assemble while sewing each together. There is a guide inside Sew Inspired to help you assemble all the pieces together. Once I followed all the directions along with a little restitching after I managed to snag the fabric and doubled the bottom layer over! I still can't figure out how I managed it. The Ohio Star however was finished. Which brings me up to four complete pieces! 

The other task which was inside issue 12 was to cut out all the remaining fabric pieces. I have been doing all my cutting on a Thursday night when both children are asleep. I usually limit myself to one hour each week which is turning out to be plenty of time. I have cut out half the full colour blocks you can see above along with almost all the smaller pieces which will be needed for the remaining two blocks. Hard to believe there are only two blocks left before it will be time to start assembling the quilt. 

While I have been cutting out these pieces of fabric I have been creating my own pattern pieces. I measured up and drew/ cut the right sizes out on a piece of baking paper. By doing this it lets you move the pieces you need into the optimum position on the fabric before you cut it. I find this much easier. It means I can check all my pieces will fit before I even make a cut! Remember to label each so you can use them again. 

I still have a whole lot of cutting to do now. I need to start work on the vanilla/ white background which the squares sit in along with the backing piece and the outer rim piece which will both be in a light weight denim fabric. I will admit that I still have to get the binding which will line the outer edge of the quilt along with the inner quilt batting. Those are on my to get list at the moment. 

Next month should see me starting work on issue 13 of Sew Inspired which I think might contain the remaining two blocks. Having looked at the quilt example in the magazines they look fairly complicated so I am hoping I am able to follow along to each! 

You can join in with Crafter's Companion and Sew Inspired to help Project Linus and create your own quilt. Join in by purchasing your own Issue 12 of Sew Inspired (£9.99) you can also pick up the Quilting Starter kit (£34.99) from Crafter's Companion.

Have you joined in with the campaign yet?
I'd love to hear how it is going.

Disclaimer: We received the products featured. All views and opinions expressed above are my own.


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