Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Me and Mine Project {June 2018}

We're already well into June which means it's time for this months Me and Mine Project. It's been a wonderful month full of sunshine, fun and laughter. So much happened in June that I was starting to forget how long June really was. D has finished school, Summer finally arrived! Goodbye snow! I mean we really deserve this beautiful sunshine after all that snow don't we?

This month we had some lovely days out exploring, celebrating S turning one, D's sports day and so much more. It's been lovely and it's filled me with excitement of what will come during the summer. I did only manage to get one shot of all 4 of us this month and it was on our way out through a new little shortcut we have discovered, it's a beautiful nature reserve that we'd no idea was even there! Excuse the bad quality it was taken on the front camera of our phones.

This month I have loved:
*The start of summer*
*Long sunny days*
*RuPaul's Drag Race*
*D's sports day!*
*Fun family days out*
*Watching Vikings with Simon when the children are asleep*
*Celebrating S's first birthday*

This month Simon has loved:
*Watching Vikings at night*
*Taking his first run for 10 years*
*Sunny days*
*D's Sports day*
*Taking up vaping*
*Getting a phone for the first time in almost a year!*

This month D has loved:
*His school sports day*
*The last month of being in primary one*
*Going on his school trip*
*Getting glasses for the first time*
*Having Thomas BB8 come home (the class teddy)*
*Finding a TORNADOOOO slide (his words!)*
*Finding a place we can visit anytime that has ducks*

This month Baby S has loved:
*Sunny days spent outside*
*Walking as much as she can*
*Splashing around in the bath*
*Dancing along anytime some music comes on*
*Getting to play with some of D's toys*
*Discovering bubbles *
*Seeing ducks in real life*

What happened for you in June?


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