Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Project 365 Week 28 { 8th July - 14th July }

Sunday 8th July {Day 189}

Monday 9th July {Day 190}

Tuesday 10th July {Day 191}

Wednesday 11th July {Day 192}

Thursday 12th July {Day 193}

Friday 13th July {Day 194}

Saturday 14th July {Day 195}

Well it's been another crazy week. We've spent days at home, it's rained! I think our poor little green isle was really in need of downpour. We've been to the park, had our usual Mums and Tots, it was the 12th of July and we ventured out in the madness to see my mum who came to visit the new baby. This week also saw us visit the zoo for the very first time! Neither of the children have been before so it was a real adventure especially when you consider that I never remember going. My mum does swear that I did though. We didn't get seeing the whole zoo and missed a few animals while others where a bit rushed. We did go without Simon as the zoo is quite a bit away and we went with our Mums and Tots group. We are going back before school starts again so I will be doing a big post all about it when we do. I did forget to take a photo on Friday. I was in a hub of baby clothes which all needed sorting since we still have every item S has ever worn! I broke my phone this week which is why there has been a bit of radio silence on social media. It will continue until I get a chance to get a new one when we can.

How was your week?


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