Thursday, 26 July 2018

My Quilt4Kindness Journey with Crafter's Companion for Project Linus { Part Two }

It's been a busy month for us with summer well under way but I have really loved finding time to do little pieces of my Quilt4Kindness project when I can. The Quilt4Kindness campaign is a quilt along from Crafter's Companion which is being printed in Sew Inspired for 12 months.I shared the start of this quilting journey last month

Having never heard of Project Linus and the work they do in organising and delivering hand made blankets to babies, children and young people I was eager to do my part and join in with the Quilt4Kindness campaign. They really do amazing work in giving those children who really need to know they aren't alone a comforting reminder that someone is thinking of them. To find out more about Project Linus and the Quilt4Kindness campaign check out our last post. (There is a link above)

Last month I also got the second issue of Sew Inspired with part two of the quilt along nestled in the pages. After getting though so much last month I wanted to stretch this issue out a little longer and give myself time to sit each week and  spend a little time working on the project. I've been trying to get an hour or so every Thursday evening. I am finding that some weeks I need to change over to a Friday morning since my sewing machine is pretty loud.

At night I am spending my time cutting and ironing my fabric. One of the steps this issue has been to cut out all the remaining shapes from the fabric in preparation for the next issue. With only two issues left there will be more sewing to do. It does mean that I can get on with the cutting every Thursday evening. I'm planning to share more of this journey on our Instagram stories on a Thursday evening too.

There are still two squares in this issue with two whole new patterns. One of the blocks uses the yellow colour in Sew Inspired which I am planning to use the green colour from my floral fabric, it's turning out very hard to get my hands on. Which means I have not finished this square just yet.

I did however finish the first block from this issue which is the Jacob's Ladder block. Compared to the first issue the two blocks in Sew Inspired these are more intricate with more sewing involved. I was pretty excited to try the Jacob's Ladder block, it looks lovely when it is finished and It's not something I have ever tried to make before.

Although the Jacob's Ladder block looks complicated at first glance when you get to work it really is simple. The pattern involves sewing 9 small squares to the right patterns. Four of the squares used will contain two triangles of my light blue and floral fabrics. The other five small squares are made up of four smaller squares in my light blue and pink fabrics. I really like that the directions make creating the squares so much easier. I would have been cutting each piece and sewing each one individually while the directions help to do it all in the easiest way possible.

That is it for this months Quilt4Kindness. Next Month will be a little busier with lots more of the remaining cutting to go as well as finishing the second block from issue 12. The next issue of Sew Inspired will also come out in August with the third part of the Quilt4Kindness campaign.

You can join in with the Quilt4Kindness campaign. Crafter's Companion are encouraging the readers of their magazine Sew Inspired to join in with the quilt along and to donate their finished quilt to the wonderful Project Linus and help those children who need a reminder that someone thinks of them too. You can still join in without donating of course. Grab yourself a copy of Sew Inspired and follow along with the whole campaign. The first issue is still available if you do want to join, check out our first post for the first stage of the project and what is inside Issue 11 of Sew Inspired.

Our giveaway to win one of the great Quilting Starter Kits from Crafter's Companion is still open if you want to head over and enter.

You can get your hands on Issue 12 of Sew Inspired from Crafter's Companion (£9.99) along with the special Quilting Starter Kit featured above (£34.99).

Are you joining in with the campaign?
How is your Quilt4Kindness project going?


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