Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Five Tips For Finding Free Days Out For The Whole Family This Summer.

It's finally summer for most of the UK this week, here in Northern Ireland we are already half way through our summer break. One of our biggest needs this summer is to get the whole family out for as many days we can. Filling our days with fun and family time is fantastic in the sun and it lets us all enjoy the time together. After the first week it was very apparent we would need to find more days out that we could do with little to no money being involved and I'm pretty sure there are many other families who are looking for fun days out that don't cost very much. With that in mind I thought I would share some tips about how I have found some great days out that are free for anyone who is looking. 

Scarlet playing on the swings during A trip to the park. Free days out this summer. Us Two Plus You

1. I'm starting with the very obvious free days out which are always a go to for us. A trip to the park, we are very fortunate in the fact there are a lot of parks here in Belfast that we can visit. Take a few minutes to google your local area and see if you find any parks or play areas near you that you may not have visited before. It can help to take a quick note or list of them all and remember to screen shot some directions just in case you can't find the way.

2. Another one of our favourite days out has always been visiting local museums and although many of ours do cost an admission fee we have one or two which are free. I have found that those which are free ask for a donation, they recommend various amounts however that donation is entirely up to you. If you throw together a packed lunch and bring some drinks along then you can pack in a whole day exploring the museum with your children. It's a great educational day out too.

A picnic spread for the family. Free days out this summer. Us Two Plus You
3. Another great day out with the family is picnic days. Choose a local place that has wide open spaces like a public garden or forest park. Another great place is the beach of there is one nearby.  Take along your picnic and bring some games, bubbles, a football and other toys/ games which are easy to pack up and bring along. I usually let both Dylan and Scarlet choose one small toy or game to add to what we have already packed up. It's always a fun day out for the whole family.

4. Search for local events that are free. This time of year there are lots of family fun days happening all over the UK. You can find everything from outdoor film screenings to fun days at shopping centres and everything in between. I find making a quick calendar in a note pad of the next few weeks helps me to keep track. Once you have a calendar you can search on sites like Families Online and local event sites. One of my favourite sites for us is What's on in Belfast. When you find events jot them down on the dates and see which days you have filled up before arranging all your other events that are here all summer.

5. My final tip for finding free days out would have to be searching for local events on Facebook. In the last few months I have seen more and more local events being advertised in Facebook's events tab and it's so easy to use. The events tab is down the side of your home page on the website and once your there it allows you to modify your search after you choose when you'd like to search for an event. There are options for tomorrow, week, weekend and more, I personally use the select date function which lets me choose which dates to search for. I usually start with a search for events in a week, two weeks, 3 weeks and then fill my calendar. I'll go back and search for certain days which I have empty once I have finished the events I like the sound of. Some events listed here do have a cost associated with them but it is made clear in the descriptions.

These 5 tips have helped me to get our whole family out more this summer and let us enjoy family fun as much as we can. I bring along plenty of snacks and water along with a blanket or muslin square which we use most days to take a break when we find a nice grassy area. It means I can reduce the likely hood we will need to spend a lot of extra money when we don't need to.

I hope these are helpful for someone to get a little extra out of their summer without any cost. I will be sharing some more tips next week on cheap days that everyone will love.


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