Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Five cheap days out for the whole family this summer

Last week I shared some tips for finding free family days out. Summer is well under way and although it never seems to be such a large task to keep children occupied I find I'm running out of ideas after a week. This summer break I have been trying to find as many days out and family fun as we can pack in. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the cheap days out we have planned for the rest of summer break. I am hoping we will fit one of these in a week alongside the free days we have found.

1. A day trip to the beach or a forest park. Okay so technically these are free however we don't live anywhere near a beach nor a forest park so we need to factor in the cost of travel. If your in the same boat it's a good idea to plan for travel costs as part of the whole day out. On a beach trip I like to include the cost of a little chip shop stop. There's nothing quite like eating your chips along the sea front is there?

2. A trip to the cinema. Yes you have read that right a whole family trip to the cinema can be cheap! There are some cinemas in the UK which offer child friendly showings. I took Dylan to his first cinema trip to one and it was fantastic! What is really great about these showings is that they are aimed at children and have the basis that children are allowed to make noise. Lets face it, it will be a miracle if your 5 year old would sit through and entire movie in the dark. Maybe that is just mine? Either way it's worth it considering as tickets can start at just £2.50 per person, no matter what age. Bring along snacks and drinks if you want to save on concessions and you have a great day out at the cinema for £10 for a family of four! I have found the Odeon and Cineworld do these weekly showings with a couple of movies to choose from. Check your local cinema's website to see if they have child friendly screenings.

3. Take the whole family bowling. This one is perfect for later in the evening after dinner. It's a great idea for week nights after summer schemes or when one parent is still working during office hours. It's lets the whole family get out and enjoy a game of bowling. You can choose to do one or two games but remember to check your local bowling alley's website for prices and see if they have family offers on. Our local bowling alley has a special night time event where the whole place turns neon! It is worth checking if you save by booking online too. 

4. Go swimming, rock climbing or a similar activity. There is a whole manner of great places through out the UK where you and your children can get active. Everywhere from leisure centres to rock climbing centres and there are lots of trampoline parks throughout the country. Have a look online and see which facilities are near you. A simple swimming session can really fill the day up and everyone has fun splashing around in the water.

5. My final cheap day out is to visit a National Trust property or museum. Each of the National Trust properties and museums will have a different admission fee so it is worth looking into your local places. There is a full array of places to visit and to explore which are great even if you've visited before. There are some great places to go to every year and there is always something new to discover and learn. If you go regularly you could even create a treasure hunt for your children to follow together with some of their favourite spots to find. 

I hope these have been useful and that you get to enjoy the summer as much as you can without breaking the bank. 


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