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Pukka Fun Interactive Colouring Books 4D from Pukka Pad {Review}

The summer holidays are almost upon us. For us there is only 8 school days left this year! With that in mind I have been thinking about what we are going to do to keep our days fun and exciting. We have a whole heap of days out planned but we really can't be out every day and when we do end up at home we need some ideas on what we can do with D. That is where Pukka Pads come in.

Pukka Pads are a well known and very well loved stationary brand who bring great quality products to us both online and in stores all over the UK. It all started back in 1999 with Chris Stott who founded Pukka Pads. Since then they have grown to include a large selection of great products for all us stationary lovers. They even have a whole range for children, the Pukka Fun range.The latest product in their range is from the Pukka Fun range. Their new Interactive Colouring Book 4D.

They have a whole selection of books to choose from in two age ranges. The first age range for the Pukka Fun Interactive colouring book 4D is 6-8 Years. We received the Pukka Pad Baby Animals Interactive Colouring Book 4D from this range. There is also a Race Day and Dinosaurs editions available too.

The second age range for these interactive colouring books is 9-12 years. We have received two of the books from this range which are the Pukka Fun Fantasy Interactive Colouring Book 4D and the Pukka Fun Space Interactive Colouring Book 4D. There is also a World Traveller edition available.

Each of the Pukka Fun 4D Interactive Colouring Books comes with 30 pages that can be scanned into the free app and brought to life through augmented reality! Each book contains 10 unique designs which gives your little ones the freedom to make their colouring as bright and different as they like. Since there is three of each interactive page they can create, play and create all over again. I love that when D is finished with one he can just start again and change it up to be completely different than the first. 

Although D is slightly younger than the age ranges for the Pukka Fun Interactive Colouring Books I think he has enjoyed them just as much. The younger range Baby Animals book was the first he tried out and he really loved to get stuck in without much direction from me and just colour to his hearts content. We did try to ensure that he coloured as much of the white areas as he could. The pages contain easy to colour pictures of the Baby Animals with bold outlines which helped D to stop before going too far outside the lines. I liked that to a degree there is already a large proportion of the page that has been shaded in the background. It just shows how well thought out each book in the range is.

The older range in the Pukka Fun Interactive Colouring Book 4D selection are much more detailed with smaller pictures. Some of the larger pictures have more smaller things on or around them like this one D enjoyed drawing from the Space Interactive Colouring Book 4D. D didn't colour the whole picture but he still tried his best to do what he could. He has since added a little on and seems to be enjoying the process of doing a little bit at a time and making these harder images come to life at the end of each colouring stage. It's rather nice to see how it's changing in the app each time.

Inside each of the Interactive Colouring Books 4D from Pukka Fun you can also find some non interactive pages. Some will be blank and have space for your child to create whatever they like. There is a large selection which have various activities from colour by number and spot the difference to mazes and more. Each of the activities is still based around the theme of each book with characters or animals used to incorporate the theme in the entire book.

Each book from the range has some story writing prompts too. The younger range has one page for each little 'write a story' section. D really loved writing a story about Baby Forest Animals and one page was really just enough for him at this age. The older range of the Interactive Colouring Books 4D gives you 3-4 pages for each of these 'write a story' sections. I like that each range has been tailored to really fit the children who will use it.

Using the Pukka Fun 4D Interactive Colouring Books is really easy. When you have your first book from the range you can scan the code on the cover to find the app in both the Android and the Apple app stores. Once downloads you will need to scan an interactive page from the book to allow it to unlock and download onto your device. I do recommend doing this before you start the colouring. I found that it took some time for each book to download. D was not very patient with me at this stage. He was really excited to make his creation come to come life! Once you have downloaded the book and coloured in your picture all you need to do is scan the page. It's so easy D can do it himself! Ensure you capture the whole page and the rectangle turns blue. If your too close it will be red. After a second or two your creation will come to life with every line, and detail!

I was pretty amazed at just how well the Interactive Colouring Books App was able to pick up and detect such great detail! D coloured his elephant with some single lines of varying colours in varying shades and each and every one was picked up on the app. Any white areas from the page show up in a grey colour on the app. D liked this little feature as he didn't want any white to show up and the grey used is just the right shade to blend with most colours too. I think that the degree of detail achieved is really impressive. It is not only a great feature for children of D's age and just older but it is also a great feature for older children who are starting to experiment with shading and texture in colouring. Since each detail shows up so well it isn't recommended to use felt tip pens to colour in the Pukka Fun Interactive Colouring Books, I do think you would lose a fair amount of detail if you did.

I love that it isn't just the focus image that comes to life but also various background images too. In our elephant image there was a tree and at some points the little mouse appeared too! D was so excited when the mouse was there too as he had taken time to colour it in.

Two of the interactive pages in all the Interactive Colouring Books 4D range from Pukka Fun contain games. When these are Scanned into the app they will bring to life a whole different type of page which allows you to play a mini game! D was so excited when he got to play racing with the Baby Animals. Not only can you play this little mini game but it actually uses the images that you have scanned into the app for the characters and their surroundings! I was rather impressed with this. During the Baby Animal game D ran through all four of the background areas from the animals that you can choose to play. The older games are more advanced and one of my favourites is from the Fantasy Interactive Colouring Book which is an archery type game. Yes, I too played with the app!

I wasn't quite sure what I was going to expecting from this range of Interactive Colouring Books 4D from Pukka Fun but I am really impressed. There is so much selection in each book and I know that these will keep D busy on many rain days at home this summer. I may even have to pack one up with on day trips that have a lot of travel as they would be perfect for keeping him occupied. I always have my phone with me too so he can play anytime he likes since it is entirely offline after you have downloaded the book.

If you have a child aged between 5 right up to 12 then I highly recommend these Interactive Colouring books 4D from Pukka Fun. They are jam packed with fun activities, colouring and more to keep your children entertained for hours on end. As I said they are perfect for days out, days at home, when you visit family and they would be perfect for long flights if your headed on holiday this summer.

You can purchase the books in the Interactive Colouring Book 4D from Pukka Fun range at an RRP of £9.57 each, You can purchase all three of the books we have shown above including, Baby Animals Edition, Space Edition and Fantasy Edition.

Disclaimer: We received the products featured in this post in return for our open and honest opinion. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are entirely our own. 


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