Monday, 4 June 2018

Project 365 - Weeks 21 & 22

Project 365 - Baby S lying looking at her 11 months old milestone card in black and white
21st May {Day 141}

Project 365 - Baby S posing in little denim dungarees
22nd May {Day 142}

Project 365 - D took a selfie at the bus stop
23rd May {Day 143}

Project 365 - D blowing a dandilion
24th May {Day 144}

Project 365 - D and Baby S playing hide and seek on the bench
25th May {Day 145}

Project 365 - Daddies pikachu tattoo beside D's pokeball face paint on his arm
26th May {Day 146

Project 365 - Me, Baby S, D and Simon posing with lip and mustache shaped lollies
27th May {Day 147}

Project 365 - D sliding down the slide at the park
28th May {Day 148}

Project 365 - D and Baby S smiling on the swing with Simon in the background pushing D
29th May {Day 149}

Project 365 - D looking at Baby S in her pram ( black and white)
30th May {Day 150}

Project 365 - Tired AF badge in packaging with confetti
31st May {Day 151}

Project 365 - D sitting at the table colouring in a snake picture
1st June {Day 152}

Project 365 - Traveling in the car seat fast asleep
2nd June {Day 153}

It has been such a busy two weeks that I never got around to posting last weeks Project 365 so I have shared both today. We've had so many days out it has been fantastic! I am loving the sun showing it's face. We've had a few relaxing days at home but for the most part we have been out exploring and having fun. We've been to parks, visiting family, been to fun day events and we even took a car trip to visit more family and celebrate a family birthday. No mean feat for us since Simon doesn't travel at all!
We have more promise of sun for the next week and we plan to enjoy more days out and family fun. We do need to find a good balance and stick to it but I just can't resist all the fun days!

How has your last week been?


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