Monday, 25 June 2018

Project 365 Week 25 {10th June - 16th June}

Sunday 10th June {Day 161}

Monday 11th June {Day 162}

Tuesday 12th June {Day 163}

Wednesday 13th June {Day 164}

Thursday 14th June {Day 165}

Friday 15th June {Day 166}

Saturday 16th June {Day 167}

Phew! It's been another crazy week for us. D has been enjoying the crazy wind down time for school since we are officially into the final week. How is it possible that I almost have a little boy in primary 2? This week did see us celebrate Father's Day with a meal out, A grand opening for a local play area, leisure centre and other facilities, a family visit, cake baking, Sports day along with a day or two at home. The sun has came back too so we will be out enjoying all it has to offer us up for the next while! I'm looking forward to enjoying this last week of school and this next week should be when we do S's cake smash! Eeekk! 

Did you get up to anything this week?


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