Monday, 11 June 2018

Project 365 Week 23 {3rd June - 9th June}

Project 365 3rd June - Baby S eating malteasers
3rd June {Day 154}

Project 365 4th June - Baby S standing on the hillside shouting
4th June {Day 155}

Project 365 5th June - D pushing a mini trolley around with some shopping inside
5th June  {Day 156}

Project 365 6th June - D drinking a cold drink from Starbucks
6th June  {Day 157}

Project 365 7th June - Baby S looking in the mirror at herself with her first pair of shoes on.
7th June  {Day 158}

Project 365 8th June - D with his class teddy called Thomas BB8 who is home for the weekend
8th June {Day 159}

Project 365 9th June - D and the class teddy Thomas BB8 trying on some new glasses
9th June  {Day 160}

What a week! We started the week off slowly but things very quickly escalated and we spent more time out than we did in. We did mostly have appointments or shopping to do this week with both D and Baby S needing more summery clothes thanks to all this lovely weather. We did also manage to squeeze in a few trips to the park, family walks and movie night. The weekend brought with it the very much anticipated arrival of D's class teddy! His name is Thomas BB8 and he was coming to go on adventures this weekend. D was super excited since he has been waiting since way back in September for his turn. 

This week saw us hit some very big milestones for both D and Baby S. 
Baby S got her first pair of shoes now that she is toddling around. She isn't used to wearing them just yet and often tries to take them off but it's getting less each day. 

D had his first opticians appointment earlier in the week and it turns out he is just like his dad and needs to wear glasses. He is currently just on the boarder line so he may only need them for a few months. He is very excited as you can tell! He got to go on Saturday to pick some. Thomas BB8 came with us on such a big day and even tried a pair or two on himself. D had his little heart set on this pair of Jurassic World glasses. In the end they didn't fit just right and he got two other pairs which will be ready in the next week or so. 

Next week isn't set to slow us down. Not at all. Baby S is just about to turn one! It will be an exciting week for us all and I am sure there will be five million photos to choose from next week.

Did you have a fun filled week?

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  1. What a lovely summary and pics of the children. Happy birthday to baby S. I look forward to seeing birthday photos next time.
    A quiet week for us just enjoying the sunshine and getting outside much more than usual.


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