Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Project 365 Week 24 {10th June - 17th June}

Sunday 10th June {Day 161}

Monday 11th June {Day 162}

Tuesday 12th June {Day 163}

Wednesday 13th June {Day 164}

Thursday 14th June {Day 165}

Friday 15th June {Day 166}

Saturday 16th June {Day 167}

It's been such an amazing week for us. We have been super busy from the get go with S's Birthday being on Tuesday we had a whole lot to do on Monday. I really don't think we stopped all day. It's harder to prepare for a birthday with two little ones to keep an eye on, entertain and avoid cake mix ending up everywhere. We had planned to do a bit on Sunday but we needed to pick up a new phone and had a little stop at the park. We spent her birthday at soft play with the plans for a birthday party next weekend. I prefer that we spend birthdays just us 4 and make them a little special. A big deal for just them. 

Not only did we celebrate S's first birthday this week but we also collected D's very first pair of glasses. He got his eyes tested last week and we took Thomas BB8 to choose the pairs D wanted. They had to be sent off and made to fit his needs. We had a bit of trouble with S's very thin face and he almost needed to wear glasses made for much younger children but we found two pairs that fit fairly well. He is very excited about wearing them and I think he looks rather dashing in them!

The end of the week didn't see us slowing down too much with a relaxing shopping trip, well as relaxing as toy shopping can get! Follow by a stop for coffee and a little break. Saturday D and I went out to discover Pokemon GO. Yeah we are so very behind the times but he is Pokemon obsessed and I just had to how him it! He loves it by the way. 

How has your week been? 

Hope you had a lovely Father's Day.


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