Friday, 4 May 2018

Welcome to Us Two Plus You, Our New Online Home

I finally did it! 

Welcome to our new home on the web. I've been behind the scenes using so much of my very little free time to get all of our posts and photos moved over. That's before I even mention creating a whole theme, photos new layouts buttons. I never knew there was quite so much to do! I've learnt so much more than I ever expected to, my brain is fit for bursting at this point! I now know how to code (well I know enough to keep me going), how to add and use actual widgets, the nitty gritty of them, the in's and out's of coding for photos and placement. It's been a journey to say the least.

Now however, we are here, at a new beginning of sorts. I'm so excited but I'm also quite anxious. We are evidently starting again. Moving has meant that all our followers and readers have probably been left behind (unless your on social media that is). It also means lots of background changes and I may have made a few mistakes that won't show up until later down the line. (I really hope not!)

Anyway. Life is beginning a new chapter for us all here at Us Two Plus You. I'm getting to grips with my new layout, features and all the extra fiddly bits this new wondrous home is letting me use. It's so bloody cool! There will be lots happening over the next week, I have some great giveaways planned for you as well as our regular posts. Tomorrow I am starting with our first proper post, sharing my birth story with D. It's incredible that over 4 years after starting Us Two Plus You, I have never done it before! I thought it would be fitting to start here as we started our first day as a family of 3. Oh how far we have come from then.

For now I will toast my freshly poured glass of wine in celebration that we are here and for now I can relax. If only for tonight.

To new beginnings,


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