Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The Me & Mine Project {April}

Me and Mine Project - April
Well 2018 is just flying by! It's hard to believe April is already over and done with. Have I mentioned that April seems to have been the arrival of spring,? Finally! We've used the better weather to get out so much more. We've spent days at the park, visiting friends, at the Spring fair, playing games, football and more. We have even taken a long evening stroll.
Something I feel we need to do more. Living in a big city has put me off taking a little stroll. We walk to lots of places but we never go out for a stroll to not get anywhere in particular. In April we did just that, we headed out and picked a direction. We pretty much just walked in a giant loop. It was nice to just leisurely stroll with both children and Simon. We only walked for about 40 minutes but it was enjoyable and perfect for relaxing and winding down just before starting our bedtime routine.

This month I have loved:
*Both children going to bed before 10pm!*
*Long days out exploring together*
*Taking strolls outside*
*Reading chapters of a novel with D at bedtime*
*The sun showing it's face*
*Watching The Greatest Showman*
*Going with D to the schools Toy and Book Library*

This month Simon has loved:
*Days out with the whole family*
*Playing Monster Hunter World on the Xbox*
*A new beard style*
*Receiving his new guitar that I won*
*Taking D out for a while alone for Daddy and Son time*
*Reading a novel with D*

This month D has loved:
*Power Rangers!*
*Reading 'The Adventures of the Wishing Chair'*
*Going back to breakfast club at school*
*Riding his scooter*
*Going for Bike rides*
*The larger supply of Ice Cream now it is warmer*
*Going to the school's toy and book library*

This month Baby S has loved:
*Bath time*
*Try to walk, taking her first steps*
*Playing on the slide*
*Watching Peppa Pig*
*Discovering our cloth nappies. She loves feeling them*
*Seeing the world by forward facing in her pram*
*Watching D run and play when we are out*

What have you enjoyed this month?



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