Monday, 21 May 2018

Project 365 - Week 20

13th May {Day 132}

14th May {Day 133}

15th May {Day 134}

16th May {Day 135}

17th May {Day 136}

18th May {Day 137}

19th May {Day 138}

The glorious weather has been here all week and we couldn't help but get outside to enjoy every moment we could. We've visited the park, taken long family walks, seen the botanical gardens, had a picnic, explored new places and we enjoyed the local maritime festival. We did get to catch some of the Royal Wedding too! We managed to pack so much into the last week. It has really been lovely to spend so much time together. It makes me think forward to how the summer will be with beautiful sunshine, smiles, laughter and lots of family fun.

How did your week go?
Did you celebrate the Royal Wedding?

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  1. 13/05/2018 (Day 132) So cute!

    Rachel Craig


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