Sunday, 13 May 2018

Project 365 - Week 18 & 19

29th April {Day 118} 

30th April {Day 119}

1st May {Day 120}

2nd May {Day 121}

3rd May {Day 122}

4th May {Day 123}

5th May {Day 124}

April has rolled on by and we've said hello to May this week. Is it just me who is losing track of how fast this year is disappearing? 

The sun mostly hid away this week and Baby S still wasn't 100% herself again so we mostly stayed at home. We ventured out for the school runs joining in with the Sustrans Big Pedal by taking D's bike or scooter all week. He loved it! We started using night nappies that are cloth which has cut us down to using no disposable nappies! We did manage a trip to soft play this week which was Simon's first ever. Yes he's gotten away with never being at soft play until now! It's something we tend to forget is there but I know it will become more regular.

6th May {Day 125}

7th May {Day 126}

8th May {Day 127}

9th May {Day 128}

10th May {Day 129}

11th May {Day 130}

12th May {Day 131}

With the May Bank holiday and teacher training at the start of the week we had a lovely long weekend to enjoy together. It has been lovely outside and we've taken advantage of it! We had a Birthday party and a day out together followed by our first family meal out as a 4! It was stressful but totally worth it! D decided to raid my make up and make himself over early one morning while Baby S has developed an obsession with shoes and can usually be found pulling one around with her or trying to eat it. Not sure that is entirely normal! This week also saw me conquer my fear and visit the dentist for the first time since I was a teen. We ended up going twice in two days! Not my favourite bit of the week. We did end the week at home playing games and getting some housework done. 

Have you had a good week?


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