Sunday, 29 April 2018

Project 365 - Week 17

22nd April {Day 111}
Project 365 - Day 111 - April 22nd
23rd April {Day 112}
Project 365 - Day 112 - April 23rd
24th April {Day 113}
Project 365 - Day 113 - April 24th
25th April {Day 114}
Project 365 - Day 114 - April 25th
26th April {Day 115}
Project 365 - Day 115 - April 26th
27th April {Day 116}
Project 365 - Day 116 - April 27th
28th April {Day 117} 
Project 365 - Day 117 - April 28th
It's not often I will say this but boy am I glad to see the end of this week. This past week started out great, we visited friends and spent some time at the park playing. A great Sunday!
Monday marked that start of Real Nappy Week and I got out our reusables to give them another go. It's going really well and we even did an overnight last night! Other than a quick trip out for a few bits we forgot while shopping. We managed a stop for coffee and a little look around some shops where D found a pretty great hat, shame it only came in adult sizes!
Thursday was a bit of drama with a trip to A&E after discovering some purple spots on Baby S's foot and leg. Cue panic stations! Luckily after some blood tests and being watched by Doctors we got the all clear and she just has a viral infection. D was super and so well behaved consider we had to be there for 5 hours. We've spent the rest of the week inside although as you can see Baby S quickly perked back up!
How was your week?


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