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Olverum Bath Oil Travel Set Review

Since becoming a parent my time for me has dwindled, dramatically. It's to be expected, I do still have a little 'me time' on occasion and I normally choose to spend that short time in a nice hot bath. It's relaxing, quite and I can pamper myself a little. I love bath products, which is no big surprise. When Olverum got in touch about their Bath Oil I was excited to try it.
Olverum Bath oil
The story behind Olverum Bath Oil started in the 1920's by Franz Otto Klein along with his wife Edith. They enjoyed travelling the world and visiting historic spa towns. When their favourite spa announced they would no longer have their house blend of organics. The decided to use their skills as a wine maker and pharmacologist to create the perfect therapeutic oil. It took 2 years of experimenting with various blends of their coveted essential oils and herbs before the Kleins perfected their oil. It wasn't until 1948 that their son, Peter, brought the oil to a wider market after the war which stopped production. He renamed the oil Olverum which is how we know it today, it means 'true oil' in Latin.
Olverum Bath Oil - Review
I've been trying out the Olverum Bath Oil Travel Set which includes three 15ml bottles. The Travel set comes in this beautiful white box, It has the outer sleeve you can see on the left. I like that the box itself is so simple yet elegant. These small bottles are just perfect for travelling, they are a great size. Each bottle contains enough oil for three baths.
The scent of Olverum Bath Oil is exquisite, it's hits you as soon as you open the box.It smells beautiful, the scents all mix well together to give you a smell sensation bound to please.
Olverum Bath Oil in the bath
Olverum Bath Oil is made using essential oils and herbs which have unique properties. It is these properties which give Olverum Bath Oils its unique Scent and therapeutic properties. The essential oils and herbs used include Siberian Fur Needle, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Exotic Verbena, True Lavender, Rosemary and many more. The unique blend of herbs and essential oils helps to ease joint and muscular pain, relieve stress, relax the mind and body, soften the skin and promote restful sleep. I must say I did find I relaxed so much easier and faster than I usually would in the bath. Even adding Olverum Bath Oil to a 'quick' bath over the last few weeks has helped me to feel rejuvenated after.
Pouring Olverum Bath Oil - Review
It's so easy to use Olverum Bath Oil, once you have run a bath that is around body temperature you simply need to pour 1/3 of the bottle of Olverum Bath Oil in. Finally use your hand to disperse the oil. Climb in and relax like you never have before! Seriously, it feels amazing. The scent envelopes you as you sink into the warm water. I honestly didn't want to get out most of the time. After using Olverum Bath Oil at night I found I was ready for bed within an hour which is the total opposite for me! I always sleep better after too, despite wake 2-3 times a night for night feeds.
I cannot recommend Olverum Bath Oil enough. It's perfect for both men and women with its unique scent and wonderful therapeutic properties. It just feels so luxurious to use, perfect for adding a little something extra to being pampered. If you, like me love to indulge in long baths as a little pamper than it is perfect for you.

This Olverum Bath Oil Travel Set is available at just £19.


Disclaimer: We received the featured product in return for an open and honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Must try this, love bath oils so much!


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