Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Mummy and Me {May 2018}

It's already came around to that time of the month when we join in with Mummy and Me. I am normally found behind the camera and even when I am in front it will be in a selfie type photo. May has seen us get out a whole lot more enjoying the beautiful city we live in. It's also seen Simon get behind the camera! Which I love. We've managed to capture some pretty nice shots.

Standing under the green leafy arches (Mummy and Me Photo)

Up close photo of us under green leafy arches with D showing off his daisy and Baby S holding her hand out to Daddy (our Mummy and Me Photo for May)

One of the days we spent out was at the Botanical Gardens where we stood under these beautiful arches which we had also done with D around this time when he had just turned one. It was both lovely to recreate the photo we had taken back then and it was a little bitter sweet to realise just how quickly time is passing by. Never the less, I love that I have both D and Baby S and that sometimes we even manage to all be happy, smiling and enjoying the days of sunshine.

Standing under the blossom tree in spring with D and Baby S ( Mummy and Me Photo for May)

Playing Under the same blossom tree in spring with D and Baby S at the botanical gardens. (our Mummy and Me Photo for May)

While we explored at the Botanical Gardens this blossom tree was just begging to be stood under. Don't you think? I love how much it screams spring time! We had fun playing underneath in the shade before heading off for more adventures.

(our Mummy and Me Photo for May) Baby S and I walking down a lane with green leaves in the background. Sun shinning on us.

Of course we did take our usual selfies this month too. We've been finding lovely places to walk along and this photo of Baby S and I was taken along one of the little gems I now love!

D and I at a bus stop with the sun behind us smiling for a selfie (our Mummy and Me Photo for May)

D and I on the other hand took a few silly selfies at a bus stop after we had just missed the bus. Who cares if the angle is off and the whole photo is side ways? Not me. I still love it.

How was your May?

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  1. Looks like you had a great time, there are some lovely photos there.


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