Thursday, 31 May 2018

Me & Mine Project {May 2018}

I love this time of month, the Me & Mine Project has forced me to remember to get behind the camera with the whole family and take photographs. We've had a whole load of days out since the sun has been out more. It's been a great month and I did only manage to get a few photos of all four of us together but I'm starting to really cherish these memories of us all. 

I just couldn't help but include this little snap from one of our days out this month. Baby S isn't looking, Simon is in a world of his own but D's cheeky smile just made this photo! 

This month I have loved:
*Exploring new places*
*long days basking in the sun*
*Going and enjoying the Maritime Festival and having a picnic lunch*
*Good Coffee*
*Making time every day for Simon and I*
*Getting prepared for Baby S's first Birthday*
*Taking photographs!*

This month Simon has loved:
*learning how to do a man bun, then constantly wearing the man bun*
*red checkered shirts and black skinny jeans*
*Really good coffee*
*Quitting smoking*
*Going to Ormeau Park to explore *
*Going to the Maritime Festival together*

This month D has loved:
*Power Rangers! He's still in love with them all.*
*Getting to go outside and explore new places*
*Playing at the park almost every day*
*Wearing new sunglasses*
*Learning about sentences in school*
*Going to all the new after school clubs*
*Ice cream in the sun*

This month Baby S has loved:
*Cruising around the house and outside*
*Playing at the park*
*Playing on the trying to eat all the flowers she finds*
*Climbing/ walking along fallen trees or tree stumps*
*Discovering new books and how to open them up*
*Animal sounds and toys that make animal sounds*
*Rocking out to music during the day*

What have you enjoyed this month?


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